I am the Hunter, You are the Prey: Match-up Thread



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Does anyone have any tips against fighting Zero backed up by Drones or Tatsu? I’m really struggling trying to figure out what to do to anti-air him and get around his buster during the ground game since it usually blows up my assist calls or formation zoning. I usually try to use an assist like Jam Session to keep him out of the skies, but if I lose Dante he’s just free to rule the skies and eventually come down with buster shots + drones. If I get cornered I’m usually screwed.

Can Strider’s normals take on Zero’s? I’m struggling to find a gameplan here. My assists of choice for Strider are generally Cold Star, Drones, Plasma Beam, and Jam Session.


Good ammy players have been handing me my butt with Strider. Her normals out compete Strider’s which spells death for him. Also they can bait him into their trap shield.


Having a tough time against Vergil, it’s hard to set up my tricks at full screen because of his teleport and it’s tough to attack him up close without the orb because he can push block and punish with his range. If you do have an orb you can put him into frame traps but summonding your orb gives him time to get his round trip tricks going. Summoning Jaguar and wave dashing after it gets you in easily but any second at full screen you take setting something up lets him call an assist and teleport and if he teleports before you teleports your assist gets happy birthday’d because of the hit boxes on Vergil but if the roles are switched you’ll probably drop both him and the assist.

If you hit him you can do decent damage, if he hits you you’re dead. It feels like a 6/4 or a 7/3 in Vergils favor.

Vergils weakness is that 45 degree angle above his head, I was destroying the same vergil with spider-man by chucking web balls and web zip canceling into rushdown or more web balls but strider has no air projectiles to set the pace.


virgils beat themselves, just block and punish…


I’m not talking about any old unsafe online scrub, I’m talking about a very solid player I play with offline that’s safe, does a good job hit confirming, and making his block strings positive with the vortex thing. Blocking him is too risky, too many 50/50’s to just wait it out to make a mistake. Doesn’t matter now though cause I been running strider on anchor, done with experimenting on point.


I was going to make a thread about Hiryu’s matchups, good thing I looked for existing threads first. I feel that we need to jumpstart this thread again because I am really curious as to what good and bad matchups Hiryu has against the rest of the cast and I also want to improve on my playstyle using him. Add the fact that the Hiryu sub-forums have been really quiet these days so let’s get something started again, shall we?

What do you think about his matchups against the top tier characters namely Zero, Dorm, Viper, Dante, and Magneto? I left Vergil out of the question because we all know that Swords >>>>> Orbs.


I’ve been playing some point strider online and in casuals. Strider/Vergil/Mags. Online bias below.
Priority one is avoiding blockstun but also blocking when avoiding is impossible. While dodging don’t put yourself in danger. Avoid out of frying pan into fire events.

Quick notes.

Zero is tough. He does what strider does up close but better basically. Teleporting on Zero in air is risky. j.H beats even the kick clean, and lightning busters should cover him on both sides. I had a lot of luck using bird bombs to protect myself from a jumping zero, provided I’m watching his assist and not under his buster. The one advantage you have is that once strider’s offense starts it does not need to stop. Zero relies on charged busters to keep his mixups safe and dangerous. But that is his weakness. It forces him to back off.

Dorm. Teleport gives you an out against zoning. Rush down Dorm isn’t especially scary with defensive swords. Low life still makes this a tough fight.

Viper is tough. Any approach could get ex seismo’d. I imagine gram is useful here as it is not canceled by her projectile war. I don’t know if Strider stands under the Viper Beam or not though. Very theory on my part. I would wager not in strider’s favor.

Dante is basically a better more understood strider. Strider’s normals are faster while being very good range. Might make the difference. His solo mixups are worse so strider may be able to dodge all the screen control long enough to do something.

magneto : Strider functions very much like Vergil to mags, and mags doesn’t like rushing vergil unless he can lock him down with an assist. The exception is strider can’t directly cancel mag blast with sword moves and get out of self covered approaches. Summon Bird bomb probably works for that angle though. Strider’s mobility may be enough to avoid obvious lockdown attempts. Projectile War magneto has you crushed. Strider can’t duck under disruptor. If you risk a read or feel you can cover it with your assist run slide (cf H) should hit magneto and slide under disruptor from about full screen. Something like mag beam can allow you to followup with a combo after the slide. A more solid option is to dash double jump your way in. You will hop over ground disruptors while maintaining options to tech throws or block his options, such as shock wave. A blocked or predicted shockwave is punishable. Worst case you can setup a mixup. Seems very fightable. You have an option to deal with rush, basic zoning, and stay safe if you make small mistakes. Drones is scary though. I fought a few mag drones online and didn’t like it. basically you need to run away if drones make it on screen.


You’re right about Dorm. I’ve read in the Dorm forums that once Hiryu gets in, it’s hard for Dorm to get out or retaliate due to Hiryu’s speed and teleports.

I feel that the bird bomb gives Hiryu an advantage against the others mentioned, assuming summoning the bomb is not interrupted. The bomb’s angle covers a lot of space even though there’s a dead zone but still helps in keeping your opponent away to an extent. Its high durability helps in projectile wars even with your opponent shooting beams all over the screen, though I doubt the bomb will touch them midscreen. Even Zero’s level 3 buster can’t penetrate the bomb AND it still detonates.

And yeah, I totally agree with avoiding everything instead of blocking them. I’m mostly a defensive player and I tend to block everything my opponent throws at me, chipping my already low life. It seems I have much to learn about this character.

Thank you for the input!


Mags doesn’t give me all that much trouble. Here’s my list of shit I hate for strider.

1.Vergil - straight counterpick if opponent plays lame game

2.haggar - you can indefinitely zone this character but as far as I know you cannot mix up freely. You have to work in baits to be successful but those baits can be baited and once more…sigh. its a long long scary time to zone that fool. Also fuck guard cancel into haggar.

  1. Nova - his grab is better and jump h ruins your jump h at some angles.

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How do you guys feel strider does in the end game. for example one on one with a couple of bars against the other anchor characters. for the sake of argument without x factor.


Beats most characters not named Vergil


WITHOUT X FACTOR. meaning strider vs the typical anchors. Doom sentinel hawkeye strange ammy? Or whatever people are using as anchors these days. how do you guys go about fighting without meter?


Strider loses to like 6 characters in a 1 on 1 situation. Those characters IMO are Vergil, Sentinel, Frank at level 3 and up, Nova, Doom and Viper.

Vergil can just put swords up and win just because of that. Strider has to make Vergil block and hopefully waste all of his meters.

Sentinel can fight Strider’s projectile game with his own, and his st. M kills teleports. Strider has to make a good read to catch Sentinel. If he is doing mouth beam, Strider can vajra and counter-hit him for a free combo. Strider’s incomings don’t work on Sentinel.

Frank at lvl 1 and 2 are free to teleport mix-ups, but once he’s lvl 3, all that goes out the window. His j. M becomes hell for Strider. Even becomes worse with lvl 4. Strider has to make Frank block (Orbs and animals) and mix Frank up from there. Or keep him the FUCK away.

Nova’s projectile game counters Strider’s, also stops Strider from teleporting. Strider has to inch his way in. Good thing about this match-up is that bombs and birds stops Nova from airdashing.

Doom can simply back himself into the corner and call missiles. If he has meter, Strider has to hold that shit. Best thing Strider can do is stay in that culo, because Doom can keep him out, but can’t get him off of him. Doom can’t jump and photon shot, but Doom can just stay full screen.

Viper seismos destroys Strider since its too fast. Strider has to find a hole by dashing in and out, teleporting and forcing Viper to fuck up. Hopefully Viper doesn’t have meter scrub Strider out with EX Seismo.


I don’t know about the Doom bad match up if he backs himself into a corner can’t you just gram? sure you might take a couple of hits of super but he just wasted a bar for the same amount of damage.


Task can be annoying also with his button priority/range and chip game