I became a ghost hunter


Yeah, i’ve been watching supernatural allot these days and i’ve been inspired to become an actual ghost cop. I’ve discovered a group around here and i signed up for it. Now, i know allot of the bitches are skeptic towards supernatural stuff (such as myself), but hey, who the hell wouldn’t want some experience with that?

I kinda want to go all “un-faithful” here, meaning, not using any God stuff, such as bibles or orthodox catholic exorcism. I really want to go Shaft on their assess… i’m talking “driving in my sports car with a butt load of guns at the truck”… although, i’ve also been creative… i’m thinking of using a sword instead. A sword with salt pasted all over the blade. Anybody here have any experience with superstitious stuff? Is it actually possible to smoke random ghosts with salt bullets? I also think that i may develop some telekinesis. since most of the group members in this ghost hunting group claim to have the sixth sense. I, however have the 7th sense; the 4th eye… which is an ability that it only useful in identifying real professional trannies (i can’t be fooled).

How many of you actual done a bit of ghost hunting yourselves?


Thought this thread had merit. Then I realized it was made by Cisco. :tdown:


If you are trying to slay ghost trannies, you should certainly do well.


what the fuck is that supposed to mean, bitch? If it is by me, you know it’s going to be good. Just like all my threads in the past.


no, not trannies. Just ghosts/spirits, demons… all that supernatural stuff.


so you finally gave up on stalking girls and decided on girl ghost.


cisco is the whiffle bat of trolling


Hey, i never gave a yes to any trannie before… give it up already.


regardless of whatever that is supposed to mean, i aint no troll. I am the guy that will eventually rise to actual fame. I feel like my fame and greatness is only known here in shoryuken, and it needs to become worldwide. I have made the best threads and have also intellectually annihilated every single punk bitch in the religion threads in the past. Now, what i am talking about now is surely the start of how the world will recognize my greatness and my awesomeness. I will prove these things exists, and i will be the one known to have kicked their ass.


i bet these ghost hunting groups is just a cover. They really are just some pervs with some fucked up fetish, like trying to fuck ghosts or something.


I think there are girls in that ghost group, but i seriously doubt they are attractive. In reality, i’m only in it for the actual action. I really want to see all that spirit shit, face to face… i want a car with a bunch of ghost/demon weapons in the trunk, and above all… i want to be like a Shaft like cop when it comes to the Supernatural.


So this is what happened to you after Unleash the Dragon?

From the Thong Song to ghost hunting.


You still never told me why God had people eat bread with shit in it.


i once worked security and there is a haunted school in a nearby city…sometime early last century, there was a train that derailed, and they kept bodies in the school cuz the morgue wasn’t big enough. Then add a bet involving all the janitors on who would die first and end up cleaning the school as a ghost (one janitor died the next day). Lets just say it was REALLY hard to get people to work there.

And there is also the story of a girl around the same time period in my city that saw her fiance talking to a whore, and thought he had fucked her so she jumped off a waterfall/cliff (Mount Albion Falls). He was actually just asking for advice on how to please his bride-to-be. You can still hear her ghost wailing at that location at night.

Also, my underpants are haunted

edit: to the post below: Wrong thread, I think you want the ghost BUSTING thread. This is ghost HUNTING.


I ain’t afraid of no ghost…




What I wanna know is… WHO YA GONNA CALL, BITCH?


oh you’ve decided to be a ghost hunter, huh? yeah i’m a unicorn jockey myself. it’s pretty cool.

i also crowned myself king of mars.


took way to long for the Ghost Buster reference


You have my sword