I been out of the fighting game loop for a while

The games I have are

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Street Fighter EX3
Capcom vs. SNK 2
Virtual Fighter 4
Guilty Gear X2 The Midnight Carnival # Reload
King Of Fighters 99
Rival Schools
Dragon Ball Z Budokai
Soul Calibur 2

Which are some good fighting games that I dont have that I should pick up?:wonder:

I don’t know if you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat, but Deception is an awesome game. It’s the first MK game I played since Trilogy, and in my limited experience, it is easily the best in the series. Also, I could swear I saw it at Best Buy for 10 bucks.

I really never was a fan of mortal combat…any good SNK or Capcom games come out lately?

I don’t know how serious of a gamer you are, but do you like Street Fighter 2 and SF3? Because if you do, you should undoubtedly pick up the SF anniversary collection. It has very good versions of both of those games. Also, if you like those Vs games, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 would be a worthy purchase.

I’m not too into SNK games so I can’t give you advice there. I can tell you that most people on here feel that Soul Calibur 2 is better than SC3, so you don’t really have to bother with that. What system do you have?

well for SNK they just came out with The king of figthers XI i would deff check it out(just came out on the ps2) nothing really from capcom(unless you havent play third strike which is great) o0o they came out with Street Fighter Alpha Anthology which is great.

Never played 3rd strike, Ill pick up the Street Fighter anniversary collection but I cant seem to find The king of figthers XI on gamestop.com or ebgames.com, why not?

Say whaaaaaa? :wtf:

Not a fan, I assume?

Oh yeah Mowbs that Pearl jam album is awesome!

Fuckin right! It’s their best in at least 6 years.

Yeah but I thought Riot act was under rated, this one is way better though

where can I get The king of figthers XI, I cant seem to find it

I’m a fan, but MKD is the worst MK out of the series next to 4. Its broken beyond belief, and the engine is horrendous. (No wake up game, mostly dial combos, throw mechanic is garbage, etc.) I can teach any person in under 5 minutes how to beat any average to decent player via Noob-Smokes ridiculous throw trap. Game is ass. :tdown:

Well…to each his own. I enjoyed beating the shit out of that game when it came out. Plus, you can play it online which is more than I can say for the Capcom PS2 fighters.

Shit…speaking of MK, I’m looking forward to the Deception follow-up. Not sure when that is coming out, though. I assume it’ll be on a next gen system.

Its Armageddon, it comes out in October for XBOX and PS2. Sadly its using the same engine as Deception. Only thing that looks good about it is that Konquest is using the Shaolin Monks engine.

Also SFAE/3S and CvS2 are online.

Get SF4.

Now that is some good news. Plus, I like the Deception engine, so this sounds like money to me.

Honestly, I had no idea you could play those games online for PS2. I’m a little confused, being that on the box for the games it doesn’t mention that they have online capability.

The XBOX versions are online, not the PS2 versions.


Is it worth it to get the SF anniversary collection if I have alpha 3?