I believe the Xtokki PS2 -> 360 converter lags

I recently bought a pair of Xtokki 360 converters, listed here:


Since they are listed as lagless, the first thing I did was test lag. My test went like this:

Boot up Street Fighter III: Third Strike and some variation of SF2 on 360 and on computer through FBA. In one slot, I have a controller I’m pretty confident is lagless (Madcatz fightpad was used here, though I’ve also tested wireless 360 and PS3 controllers against the Madcatz pad and they all seem to be lagless). In the other slot, I have what I’m testing against it. In this case, an official Sony PS2 controller hooked up through the Xtokki converter.

Then I have both sides choose the same character, have them stand next to each other, and attempt to hit the same button on both controllers on the same time. My expectation is that if they lag the same, the moves should tie most of the time and who wins should be roughly evenly distributed. I can’t be sure I’ll hit it exactly spot on every time, so I do this a lot of times and observe the results. I also make sure both controllers spend time in both slots, in case player 1 has an advantage in any situation.

The results are usually consistent enough that I can reach a conclusion and be pretty sure. When I tested my Madcatz fightpad vs a wireless 360 controller for instance, usually the moves would tie, and on the occasions that they did not, the controller that won was more or less split evenly. I feel it’s pretty safe to assume in that case that each controller is lagging about the same amount.

My results with the Xtokki converter were not so positive. While the inputs sometimes tied, often the Madcatz controller would win straight up, and I could not get the PS2 controller to win unless I purposefully delayed the Madcatz button press. I observed this on both 360 and PC, and the results were similar regardless of which controller was mapped to player 1. I had a couple friends attempt the same test, and they had similar results. Based on what we observed, we found it hard to believe that the Xtokki converters are actually lagless.

I realize this isn’t the most clinical test, and I welcome suggestions on how to improve it and I’ll furnish whatever proof is needed to the best of my ability. I do not own a high speed camera but I do own a Flip video camera and can record my button inputs as well as the results on screen. If there is anything I’m missing or any way I might solve this problem, I’d love to hear that as well. At this point I’m hoping the iNPiN converters are lagless as advertised, and plan on ordering those soon to find out.

Sorry to hear your having troubles.

I am pretty particular about lagless control myself but have not noticed any issues with this converter.

I use mine on an old school-ish TV ( for no lag gaming ) with a Playstation “H” style controller and more often with a Street Fighter Anniversary stick.

With that, you really should connect both PCBs to the same button to reduce any sort of human error in timing of button presses.

People are going to dismiss this as not being technical enough. Look up some of the crazy lag tests we’ve had in the past. It would involve wiring up directly to the pad and having a setup that triggers the button electrically at the same time.

you compared a ps3/xbox 3s version to the emulated arcade version on fba? what?
isn’t there a difference between those versions anyway?
just do what kyle said.

Yeah, I figured that would be an issue. The glaring weakness here is that no one has any way of knowing whether I’m pushing the buttons at the same time. I’d be down with wiring it up and doing this legit, but it’s a bit outside my expertise so if there’s any place for me to read up and get started, that’d probably be helpful.

No, I did this test on both 360 and FBA, separately. Just to see if I’d see any kind of difference in results.

Dual mod the two PCBs to a single button. Do not connect their power or data lines in any way, like a normal dual mod, however, as they will be connected seperately to the console. Connecting both and connecting their power together can be bad.

Connect a Ground to one side of the button, connect two signal wires to the other side of the button.

Alright, thanks for the info. I will read everything, then go buy whatever I need to buy and post here again when I have results. Might be a bit of time.