I bought a x-arcade stick am i screwd?

im already having some problems with it. one side doesnt seem to be as smooth as it use to like its grinding against something or fell of its bearing(i really dont no shit about this stuff). i hear u cant swap out there parts like there not real arcade parts or something… on the good side i got the 2 player one so me and my friend can play but were kinda cramped together but it was only 130 and i see some of those custom single arcade sticks going for higher…but yeah was it a stupid idea buying this, kinda wish i looked on this site sooner before i got it =(

replace the parts and hope for the best

You can swap the parts out directly with regular Happ parts. A happ super or competition joystick will fit right in and the buttons are happ knock offs.

The X-Arcade parts arent all that bad though. The switches just make a different sound and have a slightly different feel. They sound more tin like. They have more of a “pang” metallic sound when engaged compared to the Cherry/Happ “click” sound.

Though the parts are all moddable with real arcade ones, the PCBs in X-Arcades are really crappy.

You might want to consider investigating the pad hacking thread to learn how to replace the PCB with something that doesn’t suck.

I faced the same situation. Went out ordered the solo x-arcade stick after hearing that it was pretty awesome. After I got it I ran into this website and they had a different opinion on it. I’ve been playing fighting games since street fighter 2 was out. I never got serious about playing them until recently.

Honestly the x-arcade stick is not that bad, but I only use it for MAME and my PS2. I know i’m going to get flamed for saying I own one. But, oh well. :looney:

Live and learn.
Another thing to add is that they have really good customer service. If you have any problems with it you should contact them. I faced some problems with mine and they sent me some parts to fix it up.

On the bright side i’m building my own custom stick.

You are screwed.

You can put Happ parts in there easily. I used to have an X-Arcade and the instruction manual gave me all the steps on how to replace the stick and buttons.

If you are using it strictly for MAME the PCB isn’t too bad. It’s not good, but it works. You would be better off putting 2 Playstation PCBs in there and using adapters though.

There is a reason the custom sticks go for so much more, because they are so much better. If your X-Arcade is still in good cosmetic condition I would sell it on EBay (they hold value pretty well) and invest the money in something better, such as a pair of custom sticks or a pair of the good commercial sticks, ie. MAS, HRAP.

Until recently I had an X-arcade stick and feel that it’s quite a crap shoot. Mine performed quite well ad was pretty near arcade perfect. I played on a coworkers at a tourney we had and found his had quite a bit of input lag.

thx for all your tips guys. i think im gonna stick with it for now save some money and get me one of those dope custom sticks…

just 1 more question, where can i find Happ parts besides online(or is the internet the only good resource and how much do they go for. thx!

uhh probably nowhere, depends on your area but then again who knows

ps youth attack is good.

Ask your local arcades who supplies them.