I bought ssf4ae for pc but it wont work


i bought it when it was on sale on steam for like 5 euros but the game wont load up.
i click on the game on steam then it shows my cd key up,then i click play.then it askes to i want to make changes to my computer (steam client services) so i click ok then it says installing Microsoft realist package step 1 of 1 then the screen goes black and it says fatal error an unhandeld error has occurred. anyone can help me with this ?


turns out its a common problem on the steam forums but nobody knows how to fix it


Usually when you have an issue with a GFWL game, download GFWL client and install it, most of the time it solves problems. Do you run windows 8 by any chance?


Went through the same. Bought the game during the sale as well. Downloaded and reinstalled GWFL several times… to the point at which I simply believe that my old pc cannot handle the game. Posted on steam community but no answer.

If you got windows 8 you should give this a try:

Good luck.


Rcion we gotta do some matches if you can get it to work :smiley:


Sh*t’s been frustrating… maybe I will try again tomorrow. Would be awesome to get some games vs you. I’m not really good in SF4 tho lol.


yeah i have windows 8


I had the same problem. I ended up downloading an ISO off some site and using my Steam key with that instead.


I have Windows 8. You need a reinstall of up-to-date GFWL from a Microsoft source.


you don’t need to do any of these things guy.
it happened to me a year ago.
its happened to a million people.

if I remember correctly, as to how I fixed it…all you have to do is 2 things.
1)right click the game file, and click "run troubleshooting compatibility."
after its done do
2)right click the game file again and click "run as administrator."
this should get the game booted up.
let me know if it doesn’t.