I broke 3rd Strike :sad:


Today, I played 3rd Strike on the hardest difficulty. That was the worst idea I have ever come up with. After been beaten to a bloody pulp by Alex, I took the game disc out and broke the shit in half. I regret that, cause now I’m sitting here with a broken 3rd Strike CD and some tape. This was the worst day ever. :sad:


Cool story, bro.


Dear HadouKid,



I don’t feel unwelcome.


Apparently, Akuma Master you are not.


I think Ponder makes the best thread ever.


I am not what? The Akuma Master? That I am. I wasn’t even playing as Akuma. I was playing as Ken. I thought he’d be the same as Ryu but he obviously wasn’t.


Just read it anyway. You might not feel unwelcome, but you just keep breaking the unwritten (well, they’re kinda written in that post) rules of SRK. If you want people to take you seriously as a player and forum member, despite the fact that you’re about half the age of most of the people here, you’re going to have to conform a bit to the way things work around here.

I’m not trying to make you go away. It’s cool that there are younger guys that want to get serious about fighting games, but you’re going to have to stop posting stuff like this if you don’t want to get neg repped to death.


You broke a broken game? :cool:


No. I broke the best SF game ever :sad:


Christmas is just round the corner so maybe Santa will bring you a new one…


Hopefully, huh? I could also get 358/2 Days, SSBB, and Last Blade! :smile:


You sure didn’t treat it like it was the best Street Fighter game ever…

go chill out and drink a Sunny D or sumthin’


You shoulda done more c.MK xx SAIII. Also you broke your Third Strike disc? Ask for anger management classes for christmas :rofl:


You’re right. DAMN YOU, ALEEEX!!! I’ll try to calm down.


Just play it on GGPO or 2DF instead of singleplayer.


I would’ve did that, but my mom won’t let me even touch her computer.



You want him to be this guy?


She doesn’t want you to find her stash of porn.


This thread is awesome. You should play more games and bitch about how you broke them. I’d like to hear about you trying to beat some KOF bosses.