I broke my arcade stick


I have a mayflash modded with sanwa buttons and stick. I accidentally dropped it and now the buttons aren’t responsive at all unless I push them while the controller is flipped upside down. My question is if its a problem with the buttons or the pcb. Obviously, I’m leaning towards buttons, but have a little bit of doubt because I heard sanwa parts are long lasting.

Another question: Are seimetsu buttons more durable and less sensative than sanwa buttons?

PS: I tried to troubleshoot the pcb by manually completing the circuit (I put a piece of tin foil between the contacts on the buttons). It works, but I can’t really be sure because the buttons only have problems when I have to tap really fast. Obviously, I can’t simulate this using tin foil.



How would ya’ll suggest that I test my pcb for problems?


Give each of wires a little tug away from the quick disconnect and see if any come loose. I’d bet there’s loose wires before failing parts.

Failing that, do you have another pcb/more buttons you can use to test?


Its all soldered, but I’ll try resoldering it first. I don’t wanna drop $20 if I don’t have to.


Weird. I didn’t find any loose wires, but resoldering it still worked. Thanks for the common sense. I guess I was jumping to conclusions.

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You probably had a cold joint or something that got loose. Glad you fixed it!