I broke my dang Te2!


Dropped it no more than 6 inches, and it’s not lighting up, or working. This is what I did:

  1. Turned off xbox. Turned it back on. (100 times before and during the following processes)
  2. Unplugged everything. Jiggled the power cable. Took all of the plastic coverings off in the inside and jiggled those wires. I jiggled every single cable internally I could get to by unscrewing the compartments, including lightly jiggling the cables connected to the PCB board.

Think I broke the board? What do I even do if that was the case and I’m outside of my 90 day warranty? Can I fix it, or do I have to drop another 200 bucks? Thanks.


I guess my real question, though I looked everywhere I could, is there already, or is someone so kind as to point me in a better troubleshooting direction other than jiggling all the cables? Is there a list of things to go through to help determine the issue?


Try replacing the usb cable, make sure all of the harnesses are pledged firmly into the pcb’s.


Even if something more serious is going on, you don’t have to buy a new stick. Get a XBONE pad PCB from Jasenscustoms and either pad hack, pay someone to pad hack, or wait for the Crossbone.


Camacho, I’ve been searching around, i can’t seem to locate where I would buy this odd cable. 5 pin screw on thing to a usb?


The only connection it seems I can’t get to without removing the board is the power. And considering this SEEMS to be a power connectivity issue… (hopefully) that’s kind of a bummer. I am no hardware electronics wiz. Right now I wish I was.


Due to the nature of how the USB cable connects to the case its highly unlikely you broke anything on the PCB or on anything inside the stick. When it fell what part did it fall on? On the screw on connector inside the USB cable are there any pins bent or broken?

Have you plugged anything else into your xbox since? Do they get power? try a pad or something if not just to make sure your xbox USB port isn’t broken.

If you know anyone with a multimeter you can check the connections yourself quite easily after googling how to use it.

I’d offer to buy it off you but you are too new to sell in trading outlet.


Seems like a power issue, that’s where I’d start.