I broke my PS2 arcadestick.. can be fixed?


here the damaged part:


the two/three wires has been ripped off… can it be fix? have to re-sold them?
thank you :confused:


up ^_^;


Yes, see if you can pry open the connectors, then reattach them. And yes you could also solder.


tried but nothing happened … if i cut out the red thing in the pic:
and make an exchange with the broke one, it should work,right?


Nothing major I see, just solder it back on.


so i have just to made an exchange between the original ps2 and mine, right? ^_^;


i mean like this:


the top part is from the arcadestick (wires too) and the part on the bottom should be the new thing that is going to replace the broke one… is it possible to “link” the new and the old wires together? (sorry for the pic)


plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :sad:


Yes, just peel back some of the jacket and twist the copper wires together, apply some solder to them and then use some heat shrink to cover it up.


either solder the connection back, grab an extension cord and remove the old plug (from the pcb) and replace it with the extension. Or you can cut the red thing in the pic and replace it (i think this would be the hardest method)

if your going with my 2nd suggestion. make sure you grab a multimeter and test which pins is which wire


i see… thx for the answer :slight_smile: today i will check everything and make a decision
but since my arcadestick is a custom one PC/PS2-1 , I have the ps2 cable together with the pc one so the 1st suggestion can be done anyway?


i tried to re-connect all the wires but still dont work
i ordered another pcb and i will replace the old one :frowning: