I broke my TE stick.. Halp

I wanted to play 3rd Strike on PC. I tried plugging my TE stick into my PC via my front USB ports, which I had forgotten that i had not connected to the mobo yet. Thus, I plugged it in, the PC shut down on contact, & now all of a sudden my TE stick doesn’t work with my ps3.

i can get faintly lit turbo LEDs to show up if i press buttons frantically, but it doesn’t respond at all. do i have a paperweight now? help :crybaby:

PS3 TE’s dont work well with pc’s. Also when ur pc shutdown by surprise something happen to ur pcb te and it might have fried ur TE pcb…

so i should replace the pcb then?

Is ur TE still under warranty if so u can call MAdcatz for replacement…

nah i doubt it’s under warranty anymore. it’s been a good minute… but i’ve barely used it :shake: not only that, but the PC still beeps when i plug it in… it just doesn’t act like it’s there on the ps3.

if the USB slots weren’t hooked up I can’t possibly imagine that shutting down the PC or fucking up the stick

there is something you’re not telling us

A good chance you didn’t connect your front USB ports properly to your mobo, then plugged in your stick & got it fried.
Short circuited, in other words. If you want a replacement PCB, probably the easiest to get is a Cthulhu, if you don’t want to find a Madcatz one.

I’m literally telling you everything I know. :frowning: I dunno what else to say, the PC still recognizes it as an unknown device but the PS3 is just like, yeah no thanks. Where can I order a replacement PCB?

I dont understand why they are not connected and you are somehow getting your pc to still recognize it… you obviously HAVE plugged your F.USB into your motherboard, and probably incorrectly, which can cause power surges on usb devices.

I should clarify, since the front port mishap i have been using the actual mobo usb ports. The front port is now out of the equation. Thoughts?

That, or does anyone have a spare madcatz pcb they can sell me or part ways with? I don’t even know where to find replacement parts. Sorry for double posting, i know i am being an annoying noob.

if you plugged it into the front USB ports that aren’t even connected to the motherboard, when your PC shut down nothing should have happen to your TE because the USB it was connected to is inactive anyway.

It’s the same as if your TE WASN’T connected to anything and just sitting on your desk when the PC shut down.

From what I’m reading, he plugged the front PCB into the mobo while the PC was on. Then, upon plugging it in, the PC shut down and the TE died. From that, it seems that connecting the front USB did something that ended up frying the TE’s PCB and shut down the PC.

Lesson learned: shut down your PC before fiddling around inside it.

First of all I dont know how you plug a “front PCB” into a motherboard and Second if the USB ports weren’t hooked in to anything then nothing would happen to the stick or the computer. If there is no power going to the USB ports then nothing will happen to anything. Literally nothing would happen.

Which leads me to believe the USB ports were probably plugged in but, some of the wires were crossed.

And to JohAE86, You really can’t just buy a spare PCB to a TE. You’re going to need to buy a new(or used) stick to do the transfer and most likely would be pointless to do the transfer and would be better off just using the new one. Try selling the shell of your current TE because, someone would proably want that for a custom stick. It’s a nice case. Then buy a new TE.

I ordered a TE from Bestbuy.com July 2009 and JUST called madcatz for a replacement PCB (didn’t really need it though) You have a chance if you still held on to your receipt.

Rich, do you have to send the stick in or do they mail the PCB to you?

i’m gonna try to call MadCatz on Monday. in the meantime i’m getting a backup TE stick. if they’re a no-go my TE stick is officially FOR SALE; probably on the cheap cheap. if anyone’s interested, lemme know.

btw, I verified that my front usb ports are NOT plugged into the mobo at all - there isn’t even a pigtail running from the port.

the turbo circuit still works though. :S

cant sell shit until 6months after you’ve joined the site fyi.

not trying to be mean but i dont want you getting in trouble or anything.

They assume you have no tech experience and offer an RMA but I just told them I’d rather have the PCB sent to me. The woman had no problem hooking me up. It came a few days later.

thanks man. i’m new here. i lurk a bit but this is my first time posting… :wonder: