I BTFO or I get BTFO


Anyone else have this problem? It feels like there is nobody playing SF of any kind that is around my skill level. I play 3S, SFV, and USF4 regularly and either I get blown out or I utterly crush, but nothing in between. Rank of my opponent doesn’t seem to matter, close to mine or not.

I think maybe the reason is, the people that destroy me don’t belong at my rank, and the people I destroy are just newer than me. If I had to guess, I would say I probably belong in super bronze because I am not very good.

Is this just an artifact of my newbie play that will disappear as I get better? Or do a lot of people experience this?


that’s just how online ranked is, until you get towards the higher ranks. You play against people who don’t need to be playing online, until after you wade through the weak and start facing more strong people. People you that destroy you are just good at the game, they can’t boot up a fresh account and just jump straight to high ranks, they gotta work their way there too.