I build new cabinet arcade a picture!

I almost finish my custom arcade cabinet. I’m not finishto fix T-molding on my cabinet.




Nice but you just have way to much going on there. I see UN Squadron, DBZ, Death Note, and I’m assuming many small pics of Capcom and SNK characters. Lots and lots of stuff but nothing to bring them together, it’s all just a mishmash with no unity.

I think its awesome!

Really Cool!

So I guess your questions paid off?!

Although its alot, great job props!

Looks good. I’m working on mine right now.

Where did you get the sideart?

As always I gotta ask when I see this sort of stuff: How much did you spend making this? (I’m always curious. As I keep considering doing this myself someday.)

Voted good, the craftsmanship is amazing but I agree that there’s too much going on.

The Dragonball artwork gets it an awesome from me!

The actual cab looks great! The artwork… dot dot dot


cabinet looks good

but you should have stuck w/ one theme i like the anime themes (any of them would have done) but you should have just picked one and stuck with it.

buttons and sticks that match the cab art would have been a good idea also

however theme aside it is an awesome cabinet.

Hello, Thank you for vote my cabinet. I have other many marquee Metal Slug 3, Magic Sword, Ultimate Mortal Kombat III and Super Street Fighter : The New Challenge .

I like this Magic Sword is good picture. look like Conan


Thank you for your strong opinion about my cabinet. :angel:

I miss a co-op arcade cabinet because business is down and closed! Later 5 yearsI decided I made build my custom arcade cabinet is mine!
I sweet dream my custom cabinet. :lovin:

you build one ? I build EIGHT lol !

looks good though. but need a better marquee…want this high resolution file ?
I made it for someone before(cvs2ish theme).

if that shit can be stretched i’ll take it (vector?)

How much money (or range) does it cost to build one of these? I’d die to have one of these in my room/basement.

Acrylic plastic from big picture- free
Scroll walls - $10
Plywood woods - $150
white T-modding -$20

Monster Dual Joystick :
X-Arcade PCB-Kyo - $59.99
X-arcade Game Adapters - $19.99
Stick and button part from Lizzardlick - $65

Er, I think he meant that he got “stick and button part” from lizardlick, aka, http://www.lizardlick.com… only 1 “z” in there Opi… I personally think that cabinet looks pretty good considering you built it yourself, now build 7 more like that other guy, and get all your parts from me :rofl:


The master has spoken.

PC Monitor in place of CGA monitor?

Giant bezel?

Control panel is clean though.

Not good, but not shit either. I’d scrimp, save, and plan on modding your monitor hole for a proper 29" Wells Gardener D9200, replace the bezel with something more civilized.

Control panel is really out of place. I like most of everything else.

Damn! I really like that marquee. I need one for my Mame cabinet that I’m building. Is there anyway I can get that off you? Do you charge for it?

i want him to change the txt lol