I built some diamonds

Just a little something i did at work today.
I work for a huge international sign company. Today i got to build some diamonds for a gen3 Mitsubishi sign. i know that these aren’t joysticks, those are coming(plans being drawn up in cad). just thought someone might like to see something different.

Thats pretty kewl, can you send me one? heh, What else can you make O_O? Show us some more stuff, that you have worked on or made :).

those are cool, what are they made of?

What function do you do in your job and what experience does it require? I’d love to have a job where I just… make stuff.

Ohhh man, I feel stupid. When I clicked, I was sort of thinking you synthesized some gem stones.

lol. I was thinking of WoW.

they are made out of lexan.
i don’t have any pics of other stuff i have done with me today but i can put some up tomorrow.

It is really pretty easy once you know what you are doing. As far as making spare diamonds, idk, no promises but i may be able to find some off size diamonds laying around to build.

Here is some more of what i help build.
and that is not me in the picture.