I call upon the great powers of the IMM family!

Would someone be so kind in helping me out with a lil gift/project I have for my girlfriend? Please!

I’ll love you lonnnnnnng time… cough

**1st pic -


- In this pic have the word Naughty appear on the top left corner in a graffitti like font in either blue, pink or purple. So it would say Naughty Kids Inc. Maybe have a shine go over it somehow?

- Then have it spin out or fade out. whatever really into the 2nd pic…

**2nd pic -


**- with the 2nd pic have this pic as well


**over it and then have it open up slowly and when its open all the way and the picture of my gf is free/uncovered have the words Muffin with a heart below the pic again in either pink purple or blue with any font as long as its nice. **

- all the same size as the first pic please

I think thats it… Thank You thank you to anyone to helps me out.

**6 months premium to anyone whos kind enough to do it… if more then one person does it I’ll have to pick just one. **:china:

This is General Discussion dude…IMM is a few floors down.

**Ah what the hell!? How did I post it in General?! Damnit, I’m sorry guys could someone redirect this page to IMM. **

I know bro, My head isn’t on straight.

Just erase this topic or whatever and I’ll go make a new one in the right spot this time

Ur username is cool though :confused:

Updated 1st post.

“We’re sorry, you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. Please hang up and try your call again later”.


I’ll come peep this later on. I gotta run some errands.

**lol you’re crazy Sas. **


Note: I don’t have graffiti fonts. I’m afraid to install new fonts nowadays. Paranoia.


You’re guaranteed some lovin’ due to that pic from Sas. Enjoy. :pleased: Great job Sasmasta :tup:

If you want you can pm me the psd, I have plenty of graffiti fonts.

Heard that shit, last month I caught a virus because of a font. It gave my computer an ouchy!

**Sas, I’m gonna make sweet nasty love to you! lol **
**You’re always holding it down right for me bro, Thank you. It came out more then perfect. **

**6 months of Premium yummness for Sas. **


I’ve been using this lately [namely in TOL] but it’s most suiting for this occasion.