I Can Be Pretty Hard On Myself When I Lose

Is this the mark of a good player, a bad player, or what? I’ve been playing fighting games for about a year, and while I know I am nobody special, I tend to be really hard on myself when I lose. I’ve never made a scene at tournaments or anything, but I still feel it. Playing online can be a particularly awful experience, even though I realize how stupid it is to harp on my losses online more than my offline losses.

I guess I’m just wondering what some more experienced players have to say on the matter. Is there a comfortable medium that I need to achieve? Should I not care at all? Should I self-flagellate? I am cool with walking the line between being a better SF player and having a nervous breakdown, I just want to know if walking that line is doing me any good.

you should approach your own gameplay with a critical eye and blame your losses on yourself. then figure out why you lose, and figure out how you’re going to address that problem. that’s a good version of being hard on yourself. treat each loss as a learning opportunity.

having an extreme emotional reaction to losses is probably not a good state to be in. it’s a competitive genre and everyone gets mad sometimes, but the more you can keep control of your emotional state the better off you’ll be as a player and as a human playing a video game.

It’s usually a mixture of self-critique and good old childish rage, so I will try to tip the scales in favor of figuring out why I lost and not being a little bitch about it.

It doesn’t really matter how you feel about the game as long as you keep improving and your emotions don’t affect other people.

Don’t care about the game; don’t go to events: bad.
Care too much about the game where losses make you commit suicide: bad.

Don’t care about losing so you can play thousands of matches against top players and only improve: good.
Care too much about the game where losses make you so upset that you’re obsessed with beating other players: good.

I’m in a same boat as you. I like to take a few minutes and review my matches and see what I do wrong and how I can recover. I get really emotional about it but reviewing what I do keeps me calm.

Whenever I get really pissed I hit training mode or arcade mode and I just beat up the AI, you can also play on endless lobbies, that way you won’t worry at all about rank and so on.

Getting worked up over the game is one of my favorite things about it! Like most people have said here, if you can channel that energy somewhere positive, like improving your game, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Had to step out of the ranked lobby today after losing a string of clutch matches. Went into training, worked on the stuff I messed up til it was fluent, went into the player lobby to get my confidence back, then back into the ranked lobby to get me some VENGEANCE :wink:

If you did nothing but play a perfect game every time, I can’t imagine you’d enjoy the game as much, or appreciate your wins in the same way.

I think SmokeMaxX painted the appropriate picture.

Please DO NOT be that guy with the piss-poor attitude because it will be miserable for you while everyone is happily pressing buttons and getting better without you. Take losses as a man and use it as a tool to re-evaluate your game (even watched replays if applicable) and maybe even strike up a convo with who beat you and you’ll get a different perspective of the match.