I can do Agetec, EX2, SF Anniversary, & Tekken5 mods (+more UPDATED)

Hi guys, I am offering mod services, I am trying to get money for a car, SFIV, and the sexy looking SFIV TE stick :tup:

If you guys send me your sticks+parts (consult with me about which parts to order first if you’re not sure!), I can do the following mods:

**SF Anniversary (SFAC) stick: $20
Tekken 5: $27
Dreamcast Green Goblin (Agetec) $25
Xbox 360 Hori EX2/VF5/DOA4/Soul Calibur IV (holy shit…) sticks: $34

All mods include quick disconnects so you can easily swap out parts that break down over time!

Prices don’t include shipping, but I will only charge reasonable shipping.

I can also offer pre-wired PSX dual shock 1’s for 20 shipped. Not available right now until I can accquire some more pads, sorry. If you know where I can get Dual shock 1’s cheap please tell me!

If you have any other mods that you need handled, please ask for a request and I can get you a fair price. I have feedback in the feedback forum, all positive. :tup:

I can also consider trades for mod work, just PM me what you have for trade.

edit: Unfortunately right now I am without a car, so you can’t just email me art to print out at Kinko’s. I should have a car at the end of january so I will be able to go print out art people send to me. Note, even after I have a car, I do NOT know anything about photoshop, so I can never make you any. Sorry, I’m not an artist, I just put parts in sticks and wire pcb’s. If you can mail me the physical art, sure I’ll try to fit it in.

Yo Airthrow, do you have any experience w/DOA4 sticks? Do you know how to do LED mods?

DOA4 stick meaning The same one as Hori EX2? I haven’t done one but I could do the buttons on one easily. I haven’t done an LED Mod but I’ve seen guides for them and it looks within my abilities. I am still snowed in man, this is ruining my christmas because I’ve missed out on two days of work and probably won’t get my sister her DS on time. :sad:

could u do a tekken 5 mod?

Yes I can. You send joystick and buttons and I would do it for $25. :tup:

its an ls 32-01 u sure u can?

Sorry dude, must be sanwa :sad:

I have an extra Sanwa I could sell you cheap for ten bucks extra though, it doesn’t look pretty because I drilled through a plastic part, but it’s actually never used and works fine. I just need a wiring harness for it.

ok amn ill pm u a day or 2 after x-mas for address and all that other stuff

could you possibly mod a Fighting stick 3?

i also have a t5 hori but its the white one (jap w/sanwa stick)

I can mod the Fighting stick 3 but I think it has a sticker on it, so I am not sure I can remove the sticker without damaging it. Can you send some art you want on it instead?

what abour turning a Tekken 5 PS2 stick into a DC stick?

the art is another problem. lol.

i dont know who to go to for stick art…or do i really know what i want on it.

No problem, do you have a dreamcast PCB? And do you want Sanwas in too while you’re at it?

Does a pcb from a regular DC pad work?

And yeah, I’d like sanwas and a new stick too. :wgrin:

You could use a regular DC pad, but apparently the triggers have a couple frames of lag sometimes, if you want no lag you need to buy an agetec PCB. I have one pre-wired from my old PCB, it would be $20. PM me if you are interested in a full mod. :tup:


PM’d you back!

I have to get parts but I’ll hit you up for a T5 mod once I also get some spendable cash.

It’s kind of in pieces, I hope that’s not a problem. The PCB is intact but everything else isn’t.

I want to replace the art, do you have some way doing that as well?

EDIT:Since I haven’t bought the parts yet, which parts would be best to get? like if you could give me specifics it would be great.

I know I want sanwa buttons and a siemetsu stick.

Sorry, I can only do sanwa sticks on a T5 because of the weird mounting issues. I can do Seimitsus in an Agetec though. You should get any Sanway JLF and screw in 30mm buttons.

Bump: Just to let you guys know, Seattle has been snowed in for days and I have missed quite a bit of work. Combine that with the holidays and the economy, and money is tight. I am definitely up for negotiation on deals right now, so that I can put SFIV and the Mad Catz stick on reserve. :tup: Just let me know what you need.