I can do Agetec, EX2, SF Anniversary, & Tekken5 mods (+more UPDATED)

i’m reallly intrested in having my t5 (us) hori stick modded…full sanwa
how much would it cost and what would you need?
(button/stick type, new artwork, would it be the same quality as the original cover?)

Hey :slight_smile: I’ve got a Namco i’d like to have universally modded and a couple other sticks I wouldn’t mind having sanwa and seimitsu parts in.
(The Namco’s my priority though)
I’d be happy to help towards your SF4 reserves
PM me if you can, thanks

I’m gonna drop you a pm sir.

PM’s replied to! :tup:

i guess you decided not to do my mod i was asking about

You never told me what you wanted to do for art on the FS3, I didn’t decide not to do anything.

Bump, guys I have been having a hell of a time with random ass power outages, but I’ve already shipped out two orders, I currently am only working on 2 stick orders and looking for more playstation pads to hack for PCBs for people, but I am available if anyone else wants anything. :karate:

Also, if you guys who received your stuff could leave me feedback in the feedback forum, I’d appreciate it. Take it easy in the 2k9. :tup:

Hey, I am still very interested in you modding my T5 stick into a DC stick.

I just need a Goblin PCB and a way to get that art done. I will be in touch :wink:

Bump. Thread updated with prices, I can easily do Tekken 5 mods so I added that to the front page of the thread. I am 99% done with Rcaido’s 2 sticks and have one EX2 to mod, and then I am completely free for more mods, so if you guys need anything done let me know.

Also I have a CHEAP American style arcade stick that I could sell for heeeeeella cheap if you are looking for something that is cheaper than a mas, but better than a console stick. It has a Happ super stick (which uses leaf springs, I like it feel-wise, actually) and some happ concave buttons. Would do $45 shipped on this badboy, PM me for details.

Bizzump Bump, I am almost done with RyuHikaru’s EX2 stick, have finished Rcaido’s SFAE and Tekken 5, and sold a few PCB’s… in other words, ** I have a completely open queue for stick mods, so if you need any work done, just let me know!**

If you have a stick that is not on my original price list, just let me know and chances are good I can do it just the same (such as the Fighting Stick 3, etc).

Can you post some pics of the inside of your work? I’m partially interested in an ex2 mod.

Do you have a pic of this stick? What system is it for?

I’m interested in the PS1 pad’s prewired. Aren’t they available on Ebay like here?


They’re $10. What price would you consider to charge $20 for the prewired controllers?

Do you do LED mods?

Yessir! It will be more expensive than my regular mods though because it’s like two mods in one (modding the buttons, then installing LED’s and an additional circuit of wiring and an extra chip…). If still interested PM me and we can work out some details. :tup:

I don’t understand what you’re saying man, sorry?

I sell $20 for pre-wired PCB’s when I can find dual shocks locally for cheap, it is not worth my time to get dual shocks for 10 dollars on ebay and sell them for 20 SHIPPED after spending time on it, if I make ANY money it would literally be peanuts and not worth my time.

$20-10-shipping=PROFITS. :confused:

I’ll let you know as soon as I get my hands on a t5 stick.

Sounds good man, holla.

Will do.

Here’s a better question: How much would you charge to prewire a PS1 dual shock controller in addition to the cost of the controller itself?

The buyer would cover the cost of the controller and shipping.

Can I get an example of your work for EX2/DoA4 stick?