I can make avatars

i can make if anyone needs one

i see…

show some of your work

Lol…I don’t see how that was so funny but that really made me laugh out loud.


you can make avatars…

I can to. :stuck_out_tongue:

so can i, i just dont make it for other people because i suck. i just make it for myself. >.<

may i know what programs you guys use in making an avatar?


photoshop or paint shop pro

Adobe Photoshop CS / Adobe Photoshop 7

Jasc Paintshop pro

3d Studio MAX

^main ones taggers use. I forgot the name of that 4d one

damn 240 second rule!


Can u make me one plz i just want iori in it thats it use ur imagination it doesnt matter what u put in it i just want a new AV!!

hmmm…pretty interesting

i agree…lets see if u any good:p

here is one of them

Damn you Furby:lol: :smiley:

you shouldnt resize sprites to make them fit, just showin the head and upper body would look much bettar

I made this one a couple minutes ago…

What the hell is that?

not to be mean…but u should wiat a lil while longer and get better…give it a few months…learn from taggers here…see what they do…and try to learn from that

dont EVER resize sprites

Dammit Furby how many times do I have to tell you STOP spamming SRK. And dont take requests yet. You have only been playing with photoshop for like 10 minutes. Who gave you the PS, did you get it off of monkeyspank or shizuma? Oh and do you have chicken at your house again, you promised me chicken.

For people who dont know this is a 13 yr old kid who got a background and put a random pic and has been using photoshop for like minutes.

So please be gentle on him he is young and knows not what he does.


Dude shut the fuck up your the one spammin you asshole.:mad: :smiley: