I can not believe how good Kaillera is compared to a few years ago

Seriously, I played it a few years ago and never got into it, so laggy and crappy. Went on XBox Live and played CVS2EO for a while and quit. Last week I tried Kaillera again and I could not believe how smooth it is. <50ms ping for both players and it truely feels like offline play. It feels BETTER than CVS2EO.

I almost fell off my chair when people created games for Real Bout 2, Breaker’s Revenge and other obscure games. I played someone in Break’s Revenge today and I was comboing into supers on a keyboard (serious wrist pain after that). Just get a $10 converter and you can convert whatever PS2/Xbox stick you have into USB (which I am getting).

If you tried Kaillera a few years back MAKE SURE you give it another shot, you won’t be disappointed. As long as people have <50ms ping and are on clean independent connections (aka not sharing with someone who is Bit Torrent 24/7), the games are so smooth.

Seriously I can’t believe Kaillera is the least popular online forum when it really should be THE number one platform for online fighters. And it is all free!


That would really be the only reason why it’s not as wide spread. And if were to get to a certain height, I would assume someone would eventually try to crack down on it. Once piracy gets to a certain point, companies will inevtiably try to put a stop to it some way or another.

Personally I’m glad the scene is as small/large as it is. We don’t need it to be an overblown behemoth.

This guy speaks the truth, no where else can you play nearly any fighting game made during the 90s online.

wasnt microsoft planning on buying Kaillera or MAME something like that, enjoy it while it lasts, I say.

Yeah Kaillera has come a long way, but you’re right about the piracy aspect holding it back. It could be so much more.

If you like SNK games and want to deal with the arduous task of signing up, you can get an account at www.poporu.com. It’s a emu/client for playing SNK games online, and is officially backed by SNK Playmore. The connection against other people in the US (I’m talking cross-country) is better than a Kaillera connection vs someone in your own state, because it’s p2p instead of server-based like Kaillera.

Is there an English version of the site?

How many US players are on this compared to Kaillera?

There is no English version, but I wish there were. I got an account to play ss4, there are some US players, but probably no more than 10 or so, but they are all dedicated. For other games, I doubt there are any at all, or very, very few. Then again, depending on your location, it’s possible to have playable games with Koreans.

One of you make a faq on how to sign up perhaps?

Might help some of us out- I don’t understand Korean.

I think making an FAQ to help others sign up is a great idea. I’d love to play some KoF 2002 without the lag that the Xbox version has.

Just do Kaillera I guess. It is incredible. The average skill there is so much higher than XBL IMO, especially for truely old school games.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Kaillera hasn’t been updated in three years. Nothing changed except people just got faster connections, so lag isn’t much of a problem anymore.


Indeed, nothing has changed in the past few years, kaillera servers became overbloated and most of them went belly up, now theyre back with slightly less pollution around them and less retards on shitty connections.
Its just luck of the draw, just like it was a few years ago. Way back in the day, there was enough servers dispersed around the country as to not have shitty connections matter, you didnt need the 1 or 2 WC/EC servers that a hundred people pour onto, but enough here and there, even in your own state, to find a good game with people.
Still, its practically the only place to play some of the games you want to, so deal with the lag and stop whining.

Well, firstly they don’t have 2k2, I dunno why. These are the games that are supported so far.

Baseball Stars 2
Joyjoy Kid (Tetris clone)
King of Fighters 98, 99, 2000, 2003
Last Blade 2
League Bowling
Metal Slug 1, 2, X, 3, 4
Neogeo Cup '98
Samurai Shodown 4
Twinkle Star Sprites

Secondly, you need a Korean ID number to sign up. Which means if you aren’t Korean, you have to aquire one somehow, and that’s not something that is allowed to be discussed on this forum.

I made a thread about Poporu on guardcrush if you’re really interested (yes you have to register to view it).

they gota do somethin about the macro usage…

I thought it was only limited to multiple button presses and not strings of commands? Basically like EVO. Hell, some people that play on keyboard and some shitty second rate pads would be finished without PPP or KKK or whatever.

And I don’t think LP+LK/PPP/MK+MP and so on are considered macros. Macros would be like qcf+p all to one button. Now that’s totally cheating.

its not so much as macros are a problem, but autofire. I know your all thinking that theres an autofire detector now, but that only picks up the built in Mame Autofire, not pad/stick/etc autofire.

holy crap

Fuck, in what hole Am I living:wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: :wow: , I didn’t know about this, I’ve been dying for some online play for years(refusing to buy the xbox though)hell, I need to check this right away.

i have a good connection and a pretty fast pc… i can play command and conquer generals and FFXI and halo pc with no lag. and ggx reload/mugen/mame offline dont lag either. but mame online lags like a bitch >.< any advice?

some info about my pc that might help you help me.


Processor: AMD Sempron™ Processor 3100+, MMX, 3dNow, ~1.8GHz
Memory: 512 RAM
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c


NVIDIA GeForce 6100
memory 128 MB

connection is cable… usualy have around a 50ish ping on kaillera