I can not believe how good Kaillera is compared to a few years ago

What version of Mame are you running? If not .64 try moving to .64, as it’s what most people use.

Close any programs that hog bandwidth (bittorrent, emule, etc) and don’t run the game at full screen. That may improve your lag.

If you were playing on Godweapon you were probably playing me. ggs

The problem with kailerra is that if it gets too popular cheating will become a problem.

It is way too easy to abuse most game’s input buffering and comboing mechanics to set up auto input programs that will do crazy things like hit verify jabs into supers automattically for you.

Most people aren’t smart enough to do that.
Honestly, the only real problem is autofire, and it’s not nearly as bad as before with the autofire detector implemented. I’ve never met anyone who used full combo macros, and 90% of the people using autofire suck so badly that you’ll rip them apart anyway.
Most of the people worried about macros seem to be either those who have never played on kaillera, or haven’t done so for years. It just hasn’t been a problem.

I think the biggest difference is the lag. When I first got on like 5 years ago, almost every game I played was unbearable laggy, but these days as long as your ping is under 80-ish ms, things are perfectly playable (depending on the game), especially if you’re playing on excellent with someone you know. Hell, from what I’ve heard, kaillera lags less than live did for 3S and other games.
It’ll still be there to spite you since we all know it only takes a millisecond of lag to mess up a one frame link or something, but that’s just the thing. These days, it’s little crap like that that messes you up, instead of long ass lag spikes.
Note though, that if you’re on wireless, forget about it. Your connection will be dropping packets the whole way through, and it’ll skip a ton.

I find it amusing that so few people know about it. If you go to 4chan or somewhere, and mention kaillera, you’ll get a flurry of posts wondering what the hell it is.

Part of the problem is that the kaillera project itself was abandoned years ago, and the only emulator link left on the official site is the rushed/buggy MAME32k 0.67 which most of the population abandoned for the older 0.64 that is difficult to find unless you’re already part of the kaillera community. So even when new people come on sometimes, they’re confused because everyone’s using 0.64. Even then, a couple things prevent them from getting started:

A)The kaillera community isn’t exactly very helpful
B)A lot of these new people are dumb as rocks
C)Even when people try to help sometimes, people seem to have difficulty grasping the concept of downgrading for increased performance, and will sometimes even become defensive of their chosen emulator for whatever reason.

Others try to use Kawaks without realizing that it has keyboard input recognition problems and desync issues with neo geo games, causing that emulator to be abandoned in favour of 0.64.
Finalburn didn’t have any huge problems, but the fact that it’s an old emulator, and the fact that it only plays CPS1/2 games caused most people to do the same.

The majority of the population is made up of scrubs, but almost every game has at least 5 notable players. Some of whom would do well at professional tourneys if given the chance.
All I’ll say is that kaillera is a godsend for people who don’t have arcades or good competition near them anymore.

Lag or not, it gives you the one thing you need most to succeed, and that’s practice against other people.

Great post there Kyokuji =D

I’ve seen Kyokuji a lot on Godweapon server.

And today I went into some UK server, I had 107 ping or around there, the host had 15 ping (it’s always good for the host to have a very low ping), emulator: Kawaks 1.55… and it was sooooo smooth! there was no lag during the game, and it only got a bit laggy at the end, but that was like during the new round intro screen or when the fight was starting.

So this UK guy, first match, He used Claw… I won with V-ryu, though it was pretty tough. And that was the first and last match I won lol. He wooped me 20 matches (or more maybe) with Bison. And I thought my friend was good with bison. I couldn’t stop the guy, he knew Bison very well, and I tried many different characters.

And yeah theres a lot of good players on Kaillera.

5-10%= Total Scrubs
30-40%=Good- towards the lower spectrum of skill. Knows the game a bit
30-40%=Good- towards the higher spectrum of skill. Knows a character or more pretty well
15-20%=Advanced Player- Is awesome with a certain Character(s), wins about 80% of people in a certain game.
5-10%=Elite. Very rare of these guys losing a match.

kaillera online play for fighting games > any other online play.

hell, because of the godweapon server kaillera is good to play on again.

i’m really pissed that my computer lags with kaillera… only frikkin thing that lags…

trying to play SFA3 with WinKawaks, but most people uses Mame32K, I tried it and it sucks.
I wish Kaillera supports different emulators.

MAME should look, sound, and run just as well as Kawaks provided you have a decent computer. Check the “Beginner’s guide to MAME” topic in the online section of the forum for some good settings to use.

I myself use:
1024x768 windowed
2x Zoom
Horizontal Scanlines 75%
Stretch x2/3 Gives me a window that fills up the entire screen).
All sound settings on and at 44, 100 KHZ

Yeah, that’s part of it. Good, relatively lag free servers like GodWeapon and Anti3D have definitely made it easier to play. Before, there were like dozens of servers and they were always going up and down. Easier to establish a community when there’s a smaller group of stable ones.

I’ll check those settings Kyokuji, still, I can’t play kof perfectly,

but garou is another thing, I can’t believe how smooth the game plays. Those guys are beating the crap out of me to death in this game, but I’m so happy about that. That I have finally found some real good competition with snk games.

I will probably get back on mame pretty soon, be back in godweapon looking for some matches.

Kaillera has been like it is for last 4 years. You should be thanking better computers, emulators and internet connections. They made it possible.

Are you people on crack? It was way better about 5-6 years ago. Back in the days of snausage fingerz, fugu, and a few other old school servers. The older mames also gave much better input/control. About 3 years ago when the hacks started coming in and people would just close games and servers is when it really went to shit, and I guess about a year ago it became atleast better than that, but still, not nearly as good as 5 years ago.

Don’t forget to be thankful to Emulinker. http://www.emulinker.org

Emulinker’s been the only Kaillera server development of note for years, other than hacks made to the original binaries using reverse engineering. Oh, and I shouldn’t forget to mention it’s open-source and written in Java. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: this isn’t considered spam here, right? I’m a little skeptical about posting URLs on forums I’m not very used to visiting.

Yeah…glad we had people like Moosehead. Despite Emulinker’s differences, it gave people HOPE hope at evil times. It is solely responsible for ending evil reign on kaillera’s distorted domain. Well, those script kiddies and those other people who thaught kaillera was not good enough deserves some respect too. They motivated the unofficial developments and forced some people to really get into kaillera.

What kinda’ specs does your computer sport?

Oh please, I’m not going to get into another emulator war with you.
As long as your computer has a processor at the P4 level, you’ll be fine with MAME.

I think the primary difference, first and foremost, is yes, internet connections are getting faster. Where I had the highest-level package that my ISP offered 6 months ago, with 5Mbps down/1 Mbps up, they are now offering up to 10/5. So, new customers getting package deals are getting teh 5/1 connection standard now (whereas I was paying out the arse for it up until recently). This holds true for pretty much the entire internet (at least for cable service). Also, people are getting educated towards the fact that they can’t run BT, AIM and stream music while playing kaillera and still expect a good connection. Even with my 90+ connection on GW, if the other person has a good connection as well, as long as they are sub-100, the game will be good. At the same time, if someone else in my house is so much as checking e-mail while I’m playing, there will be noticeable lag (not necessarily consistent, if all they’re doing is checking e-mail, but intermittent at the least). Bottom line: for the average end user (a.k.a. “player”), it’s all about the connection speed and available bandwidth, not necessarily ping. :wink:

Yes, faster connection makes a big difference. My old cable connection, I have to devote every bandwidth to kaillera, if I do anything else, stutter occurs in the game, now with 10mbs, I can listen to online radio and download things at speed below 100k/s without suffering any performance. Better computer also means more people using mame, so the uniformity of emulators means easier match making. I remember back in the snausage fugu days, I had mame, kawak, fba, and nebula so that I can join people’s games, now I just have mame.