I can now HK cancel all the time now

You guys should practice it, lot of good resets i was doin in casual play against top players. it works

How did u learn the timing? The same way as Magnetro? Is this something you need to train consistently to get down like ROM, or once you knew the timing you could do it consistently? I’m still having problems even after all the advice and wathcing the vid. If I’m lucky I get it 1 outta 5 times, if not 1 outta 10. Any help you can give me?

i just do it earlier if it doesnt work when i try it

Great, now you can do a move that has 10% of the range of standing fierce.

wow, ur stupid

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im not worried about cancelling s.hk because i really dont need it that much but how do u do it? i wouldnt mind getting fancy in a match if i’m ahead :). do u use the tiger knee motion or just time down up right?

Cancelling any normal move is just a matter of putting the stick to neutral before you input the superjump. The only normals that absolutely cannot be canceled under normal circumstances are Cyclops’ standing and crouching fierce and all of Megaman’s fierce attacks, and that is because the system considers them a “special move” instead of a “normal move”.

i do a tigerknee backwards, thats just my style. but u can go down up or TK forward or backward.

Okay. Make things simpler by making them more difficult.


As for Sj’ing normals – yeah you have to leave the stick at neutral then SJ so cr.lk (comes out in one frame, leave the stick at neutral and sjc… Hard but that’s how it’s supposed to be done.

sj canceling the hk gets so easy after awhile, all you got to do is trian your eyes, and hands to react to the knee coming up of the second hit of hk, eventually you can freestyle with that shit.

cable’s shot is cancellable after the shot?

what about blackheart heavys?

btw, i’m not being a smartass, i really dont’ know…

sentinels’ spit i know you can sj cancel out of…

and btw, i’ve heard that you can’t cancel out of “two only” magic series… eg, magneto’s c.lk, c.lk xx sj is non-existant.

sj cancel is pretty useful for more advanced magnus players who play people that can block real fucking good. i do them free now and get resets with iron man assist for easy kill. the resets off of sj cancel are serious and yes mixah cables bullet can get super jump canceled.

w0rd j360 = the man yo

try this reset, its pretty hard.

s.hk sj. addf under them, short on the other side.


and cables bullet is cancelable if the gun hits there face

what about blackheart’s heavies?

godly av m1x4h

anyone here use simple down up to cancel mags s.hk? and how many frames do u have to cancel it? i can cancel s.hp perfectly fine but still have trouble with s.hk =.

I use down up… And S.HK and S.HP have the same timing! Try to imagine you’re doing HP if you have to. It’s funny cause everyone thinks that HP and HK have completely different timings but it’s not true at all.


WOW that helps a lot. didnt know they have the same timing. thanks a bunch.