I can only put in a limited amount of time, is SSF4 for me?

Ok in a nutshell here’s my situation:

  • Married with a kid and a full time job
  • I now can only play about 16 - 20 hours a week in Street Fighter 4
  • I want to get better as a player but feel like I’m just spinning my wheels with this game by not being able to play a whole lot
    -My goal is to be good/competitive (i.e. place top three in tournaments in my local area)
  • Overall, I like playing SF4 and would like to get SSF4 but feel, “whats the use if I don’t have the time to level up?”


It’s not about the amount of time you spend, but how you spend that time.

16-20 hours a week isn’t that bad at all, IMO. More than I can put in. Hell, I’d kill to get that amount of time, lol.

I just want to know how you manage to get 16-20 hours of play time when you’re married with a child + full time job. I’m married, I have a 2 year old, my wife is pregnant with our second, full time position, I know I sure don’t have 16-20 hours… If you can put 16-20 hours in a week, spend some good solid time in training mode, lets’ say you play a match every 6 minutes, that’s 10 games an hour, say you spend 3 hours a week in training mode, that leaves you 13 hours of game time, which means you’d play 130 matches a week, 520 matches in a 4 week month…

I think you could do pretty well at that kind of rate.

Actually Silver, my schedule kinda plays out like this (I have a regular 8:30am - 5:30pm job):

Monday - Thursday: 6:15-7:15pm & 10pm - 11:30pm
Friday: 10:30pm - 12:30am
Saturday: 11am - 3pm
Sunday: 3pm - 5pm & 10am -12am

Silver when do you normally play?

Best bet is to find some good local competition to spend that time with.

Well the fact that you can schedule it, that’s good. My time is more sporadic. I mean I guarantee myself sometime because I run an HDR league and so most of my energy goes to that 'cause I’m not the biggest fan of 4 but I have to admit I’m excited for Super and maybe I’ll find a character I can latch onto this time.

I normally play in the evenings usually after my wife goes to bed. I love my wife very much and I really value that time so I try to play as little as possible when she might be up. SO I would say, Friday nights after 8, Saturday nights after 8, and then maybe some Sunday, assuming I don’t have assignments to grade, or I didn’t assign some project to the poor college freshmen I abuse… but I also suffer from an RPG addiction… Dragon Age Origins led to ME 2 led to FF13… I could keep it up with Resonance of Fate and Nier coming out but I think I’ll be able to refocus on Fighting Games in what spare time I have now and get back my game in time for Super which I really REALLY want to like…

But back to your original question, I play on weekend evenings.

16 hours a week is pretty huge, you really don’t need to play 40 hours a week to get better. that’s pretty much just execution practice, IMO. extended periods of grinding are less effective minute by minute than short intense bursts of training, and depending on how you learn are more effective, period.

This. Always.

In some locations placing Top 3 would be very hard (NYC,SoCal,NorCal)
But 16 hours a week is a good chunk.
1st would be to practice get links get good.
2nd is go to a local tournament and be prepared to lose.(you won’t take top 3 your first time)
3rd socialize, get to know the people (nerds are friendly typically)

SRK has regional sections
Find your location go to a meet up and learn

ya i think very few players play that many hours. besides, why is being able to keep the delusion that you’ll someday be a top player necessary to play a game you enjoy?

Got it and duly noted.

Thanks for the input and I agree that in some regions placing top three would be very hard. Lucky for me I don’t live in any of those regions but in a pretty small one. :bgrin:

For me I equate having fun to winning. I don’t want to be a top player but I just want to win more than I lose. I enjoy the career path that I’m doing and don’t really want to stray away from that. I guess to me the bottom line is this: I really enjoy street fighter but I know if I can’t put the time in to see progress, it’s a waste of time.

HYPERBOLIC TIME CHAMBER=training room 16-20 hours a week is real good 1 hr a day for a training room session and then blow the rest on some good competition because your best bet is playing online most likely isnt going to help as much unless you get lucky and run into every character instead of ryu,sagat,ken

If you want to win, just play easy players all the time. Problem solved.

If you’re expecting x amount of progress, I don’t know many SF players that are happy with the speed of their progress.

Pherai, can you suggest any books or other media to develop the jedi mind tricks you seem to employ?

Breez3, in my opinion, you’ll do better and win more if you want to be a top player, even if it’s delusional.


on the real though, I think its worth setting a lofty goal even if its unlikely you’ll obtain it. But I know a lot of people who understand SF very well and can hang with good players, but only play for fun when they have free time. Nothing wrong with that.

You have a full time job, a wife, and a child, you’re already winning more than 80% of the bums on these forums.

Placing top 3 at your company and getting a promotion -> Placing top 3 at some random tourney.

I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but wouldn’t some of those 20 hours you play a week be better spent on coaching your son how to hit a baseball or how to shoot a jumper?

S-tier point you made there. :tup:

Agreed on all accounts. I’m doing quite well for myself, family and job so that’s not really an issue. I assure you that I’m doing what it takes to take care of my responsibilities. And when my son gets old enough to go play basketball and other sports we’re going to be doing that and then some. By the way, I wouldn’t assume that because of the extra time I have to play video games means I’m not taking care of my responsibilities as a husband/father. :nono: You know what they say when you assume…

You can still enjoy the game at a low level – not everyone has to shoot for tourney play. I have fun with Perfect Dark local 4P but I’m not going to practice outside of that and try to become a beast, or feel bad because I could be better at it. Just do what you have fun with – the best thing is to get together with cool people who can help you get better. I don’t practice Marvel anymore but my friend and I get each other to improve without videos or training mode on the side.

One thing though – IMO it’s not worth judging yourself based on your area because you could have either a crazy good or a terrible playerbase. Watch high-level matches, do a little SRK reading on general fighter strats, and try to get to at least a major a year. Those all will do a lot more for your improvement than training mode or playing with guys who aren’t gonna level you up much.

i’d recommend getting some sleep in that tight of a schedule…