I can’t get GGPO to work correctly, so I need somebody, local, to play ST with


Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since I post here. Anyways, I’m going to be on vacation from December 21th, to January 27th. Since I’m going to have A LOT of free time, I wanted to know if anyone would be interested in coming to my apartment to play ST with me. I live in the Bronx, by The Bronx Community College, and it would be a whole lot easier to come here if you live in the NYC area.
I’m not a pro at ST but I can play almost any character (except E. Honda, I hate that mofo). In a scale from 1 to 10, I consider myself to be at least a 4 or 5, so I’m looking for people that I can actually learn something from. If you are a pro, you are welcome to come. So, this is my ST setup:

As you can see player 1 will be playing in the cab to the left on the p1 side, while player 2 will be playing in the cab in the right, on the right side of the cab.
One thing I need to say tho. My apartment is not very big, so I can only host one or two people at most. So, if you want to come and bring a friend, that’s cool, however, no more than two people. Now, what I’m looking for is for people that main Gief (he is my main) Dictator (I’m learning him) Ryu, Fei, Boxer, Claw, Guile, and Sim. If you main another character that’s cool as long as you are a good player.
As I said before, I’m not a pro, so, if you come, and notice that I’m not at you level, you can bring a pro friend, and I will act as a bonus stage or something. It’s a win-win situation, you get to play in a H2H setup for free, and practice with me or your friend, and I can learn some moves and techniques from you. Oh, and another thing, if you are going to attend a ST tournament and need practice, feel free to contact me, and I’ll let you come and practice your techniques and moves (remember don’t bring more than one friend)
With that being said, these are the rules,
1-If you are going to come, please, let me know beforehand.
2- No drinking of any kind (alcohol)
3- No smoking, (not even in the hallway)
4- No swearing (I got a little kid)
5- NO weapons of any kind (gun, knife, rocket launcher)
6- No drugs of any kind
7- last but not least, since you are going to play for free, please bring some chips and soda, or whatever you want, so we can eat while we play (don’t think that you are going to come and beat my a** and on top of that eat my food, lol)
I guess that’s about it, if you are interested let me know. Send me a message, and I’ll let you know when we can meet after the 21th. Thanks, and hope to get some good competition.


You should get GGPO to work honestly. You will make so much improvements in a few weeks.


etho is old school. we used to rock out way back when. he taught me cps-1 combos with his video. You used to play on ggpo too, what hap ?


what’s up frijoles? I really don’t know. It’s been a long time since I don’t get on GGPO, so, I tried the other day, and I couldn’t get it to work. I was having a lot of lag and rollbacks. Btw, my desktop pc kicked the bucket, so I would have to buy a new one. Do you know of any good pc that can run ggpo smoothly? Can a laptop run ggpo smoothly?

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I heard that laptops run a little laggier because the screen has a bit of lag. But I don’t think it’s noticeable enough to effect the game. We’ve run tournies off of DGV’s laptop, but we split the display out to an Asus lagless monitor.

Anyways, I don’t think its humanly noticeable anyway. Laptop should be fine.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll give my laptop a try then. Damn, it has to be wired, right?

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Hey dude, if you want to learn Gief and Dic you’re lucky, these are the most complete character pages on the wiki, go check them! Theres a lot of good stuff there.
BTW, nice setup.


wired is a must


You also want to look up Next Level Arcade in Brooklyn. It’s a ways to travel down to, but they do have ST, and they have a few locals who play there regularly.


^ not anymore i mean they changed it to HSF2 if u wanna play that normally im there playing it


Man, all you guys in NYC are so lucky


lol the ST scene in NY is like kinda dead but gotta do something to bring it back alive


Still, it’s better than nothing, and it’s got enough similarities with ST to make it the same game. I kind of like HSF2, it’s pretty fun to dick around with old characters.


I’d totally come by if I lived there. It’s pretty sick that you have those cabs.

What exactly isn’t working out about GGPO though? You should really utilize it if you can.


pretty true i can still do some cps 1 combos with ken and ryu would be interesting


This is the problem, I just finish recording these videos to show you what I mean by: I can’t get GGPO to work correctly.
In the first video, I picked Dictator, to show how that I can actually know how to do combos with Dictator. You can also see, how I can control how early or how late I hit Gief with the Jumping Kick. Controlling how early or how late you want to hit your opponent is very important for Dictator’s ambiguous cross ups, so your opponent can’t predict which way are you going to hit him your Jumping kick. Also, look at how I can do Dictator’s combo almost 90% of the time.
In this second video, I basically did the same thing; however, this time I used Fei Long. start watching at 0:48
Finally, look how noobish ( is this even a word?) I look playing on GGPOFAB. This is the emulator that comes with ggpo. In this video I can’t even do the ToD once!! The timing is totally messed up. When I try to hit the opponent late, the kick doesn’t even come out, and the funny thing is that this is offline. When I connect to the GGPO server, it gets even worse. I look like I just started playing ST yesterday. I don’t think (or don’t want to think) that my laptop can’t run ggpo. Even my other desktop computer before it kicked the bucket, was having problems with GGPO.
Now, do any of you have any idea of why this is happening? BTW, for the ggpo test, I was using a joystick with a cthulhu pcb.
P.S. sorry for any typo, I’m freaking out right now about this. >:-(


try turning off aero desktop effects. It might not get rid of all the lag, but it might be the cause of some. many people have reports that turning off those windows effect helped them. (i saw an improvement when I did it too. although it’s still not perfect)

I see that you do have them on because of the transparency on your title bar.


GGPO uses some input delay, so you will have to make some adjustments to your timing to get your combos and setups to work online. You can mitigate some of this by having a good internet connection, forwarding the ports on your router, turning off all other unnecessary programs on desktop, having GGPO start in aero mode, and connecting to players living on your side of the States.

Otherwise, it will be vastly different. However, we do have quite a lot of players living in the NY area, and I’m sure they’d love to be able to play on your nice setups.


Holy christ dude, I think you are right. It’s working fine now, look. BTW, the emulator I’m using in the video is not GGPO, it’s mame, but I tested it with ggpo and it was working fine as well. thanks a lot dude.


Glad you got it working. :tup:

For future reference, if you ever come across something like this again you should try out GameBooster. I start it before I play any games on my laptop and it shuts off all unnecessary processes and optimizes your computer’s performance.