I can teach you



:rofl: wolverine…dormammu…taskmaster…shuma gorath…dante…magneto…chris…wesker…morrgan if your interested in learning any of these characters I have mastered them and am now certified to teach new and advanced players strategies to use them effectively. Wolverine especcially. Tabooras17 xbl. Hit me up with a mic or send me a message and I got you.

Just my way of giving back.:rofl:


No offense, but I HIGHLY doubt you’ve mastered anyone, since no characters seem mastered by pros yet, ESPECIALLY dante. Define mastered, anyways? And it’s not like wolverine is that deep of a character.

It’s nice that you want to teach those willing to be taught, I’m just wondering if your first student is gonna ROFLstomp you. :rofl:


April fools? Or just a coincidental troll attempt?


I can teach you how to get banned real quick, read up on MvC3 subforum rules
If you’re serious take it to matchmaking but there is no need to create a whole need thread for this.