I cannot, for the life of me, block SRKs

What’s up, folks. Just started playing Street Fighter for the first time in, oh, 10 years or so… I’m getting pretty fed up with getting destroyed by every Ryu, Ken and Sagat I come across. I mean, I get owned by nearly everyone, but it’s the guys with fireballs and uppercuts that mess me up the most.

They’ll usually come in with a j.fk (is that right terminology? :P) and go straight into the shoryu. I try to block this shit but it just busts right through every time. Also have a problem not having a chance to block as I am ‘waking’ and I immediately get shoryu’d or ultra’d or super’d or whatever.

Might as well ask - any tips on approaching these kind of guys? It’s hard to time that chicken wing to get over projectiles and I can’t jump in 'cause of the shoryu. I feel like Fei is kinda gimped against these folks.

Ummmm… Hold back and stop pressing buttons?

Nice ninja edit, but yes. This.

When you cannot block when you are waking where they jumping towards you or they are jumping across you? across means they will land behind you, forward means they will land in front of you.

if they are doing across over means you have to block the other way (press forward instead of back while getting up)

but if they just jump towards, you should press back (just back not down back) and dont press anything.

if any of this doesn’t work then you need to check your controller

Yeah, you know it probably doesn’t help that I’m using an N64 controller through a converter :slight_smile:

I think you’re just getting old… :frowning:

23 is old? Harsh.

lol seriously theres a convertor for the n64 controller?

Yeah, I use it for emulators. It’s nice 'cause it can do PSX and N64 games as well as do classic NES/SNES games with the D-Pad, shoulder buttson, etc.

No, you can’t jump in period. CW also loses to SRK every time. Your best bet is to bend over and pretend draining your health meter is a good thing, at least that’s what capcom has lead me to believe.

lol nevermind then… I’m 23 myself. I guess you gotta play a little more an get a feel for the game. If they “Usually” come in with a j.hk and go straight to an uppercut then you should already know what to do. Keep holding back (or forward depending on if it’s a cross-up) an punish them for being a scrubby flowchart.

if they ‘bust right through it everytime’ then you’re simply not doing it right

You’ll get no where with that additude :frowning:

LOL. did he really say N64!!

No strategy will make up for the experience and instinct you lose in 10 years.
SRK are chosen by the new because they are easier and more powerful,
and so stay alive long enough to learn how we beat them.

As a Gief player, I got bored with the chase-chase omgthehorrorSPD.

Now I play Fei, and I win. I don’t do the whole ‘I beat a Sagat player so I must
be that much better with a poorly coded character’, I like winning. And he can do that. Well. In fact I spend 80% of my time chasing people with Fei anyway.

Your question can’t be answered because the answer is not what you seek.
You ask for experience that cannot be given, and only obtained from battle.

Hitenryu is invincible. I get that. But you have to work for it.

He has a lot of potential in this game.

Edit: For the fireballs, Hitenryu is invincible. EX Chickenwing that shit down, free combo. Evil grin, repeat.

I’ve gotten far with this attitude, and I think maining Fei Long was probably a waste of time. There is no “hidden knowledge” with Fei Long, its not an ancient Chinese secret, he is just not fit for the big leagues. He looks strong next to flowcharts, but who doesn’t. Its like fighting with a handicap.

I’ll ask the question:

Then why are you in these threads?

To convince?
Or to win?**

We’ll see you in the game.

To offer advice that won’t make people waste their time. If you’re interested in winning against people with an iota of skill, Fei Long is not the guy for you. If anyone makes it to G1 (PC) as Fei Long only within, I dunno, the next 2 years, I’ll delete all my negative posts, and let every inmate on death row teabag me.

Uhh you’re an idiot. I’m in G1 atm using only Fei and I win the majority of my finals with him. I beat players in the 40 and 50k GP range on a regular basis. I compete with the best people in state who in turn can compete with some of the best people in the nation on a regular basis and do well with Fei.

He doesn’t suck. The problem is, you suck. Don’t blame the losses on anyone but yourself.

I promise you even if you pick Sagat or Ryu, you won’t make it to G1 in your current state. What will you blame then?

I hope you got your teabagging face on because there’s a lot of lonely inmates with blue balls waiting for you.

Then how about you prove your stripes or are we going to continue this e penis showdown

Look for “Saint_Villainous” on the playstation network. You’ll see me around 22K GP. Granted 22K isn’t that high, but I don’t really play that much. If I wanted to devote all my free time to playing mostly bad players in championship mode, I could be much higher.

There are much better people out there than anyone you will find online though.

As for people I compete with regularly, look up Cajunstrike, Jibbo, Frank the Tank or any other NC player on the Evo results. I wasn’t at Evo this year because I’m broke. No e-penis about it.

Dude, Fei isn’t that bad…you’re making him out to be even worse than Dan or something. His pokes are very good, his Focus attack is good, his stamina and stun meter are good, and he can punish lots of things…He has all the tools to be competetive IMO…you just gotta know how to use him and execute your gameplan.