I cannot, for the life of me, block SRKs

E-Penis!!! If it’s anything like E-mail, it must be great.

Tundra, if you have XBL, please send me an invite or friend request whenever. I would enjoy showing you a G1 Fei-Long if that’s what you want to see.

Doesn’t look like this is going to happen, unless you fork out $30 for the PC, or I fork out $400 for a PS3.

I saw FocusADC in champs briefly. This isn’t a matchmaking thread so I won’t jack it any further.

Sin Fang, there is not much you can do about fireball spammers except get close and wait for a jump in. If they are scrubby, you can f.mk them overhead and see what they do. If they are not scrubby, you are going to have to try different things. I would tell you to focus through fireballs but that is risky and only works good against gouken, otherwise you’ll catch your favorite SRK unless they’re slow. You COULD try to FADC through 2 fireballs if you’re across the screen, and then bait an SRK. Again, risky. Practice FADC through fireballs in training or player matches. There is no such thing as an advantage with fei long, you have to find weaknesses in their gameplay. I’m surprised you’re having such a hard time with fireballs, I guess not really since shotos are all over the place, but wait till you see a good blanka.

Also, sagat does not play like ryu or ken. It is easier to get close to him, but staying close is the goal. If you can jump 2 tigers, he will probably TK, or wait for you to bluff. F.mk him then block if you are close and he isn’t moving. Sagat is way easier in my experience, mostly because he is more predictable than flowchart ken. Just don’t jump in if he is countering with roundhouse.

the fuck is going on here. cant wait till all the complainers and flavor of the month people move along. fuck this thread.

Special request that this shit be closed, and all triple OG sf4 fei users let it die if we arent lucky enough to have a mod drop by

Sin I’m on PC with Fei. FocusADC. You want to play send me something.

We can work it out from there.

Yeah he did… Seeing that brought me back to my Goldeneye days

Well, considering Dan’s ultra actually… forget it. He has SOME competitive tools, but no comparative advantage to anyone. When you have guys like Sin Fang who don’t know what to do with fireballs and srk, and saying he is gimped in IV, its not a myth. He IS gimped and the only reason you or I come here to prop him up is because we want to play with a gimped character and invested lots of time into him. The couple inches of focus attack dong doesn’t mean crap when you’re across the screen or recovering from an SRK on your last focus attempt. Anyone who has played with Fei knows he is gimped, it comes down to how much gimping you can tolerate. He hasn’t played in 10 years, I advised to try another character, because I can’t get into other characters at this point, maybe he can. Its the same reason why you don’t see Daigo picking Vega. I’m not going to apologize for Fei’s shortcomings, they are what they are. Imagine if I came in here and said “Dan has good attack damage, good ultra, able to move around a lot, nothing wrong with him”, its like being a used car salesman. He said hes fed up, I want him to have fun. He can read as many hours of theory fighter he wants, I’m 95% sure he will remain fed up a month from now. I’d rather he be happy being a flowchart ken than have his teeth down to knubs. If he just started Fei Long and is fed up, its not a good sign. That’s all. I’m not going to sell him the pipedream of 15 hit combo Fei Long that puts sagat to sleep. If he finds another character that he doesn’t think is gimped, fine, if not, then he confirmed his undying love for Fei Long.

You’re entitled to your opinion

But the guy came in asking for tips on getting better… not a replacement. I felt Fei was gimped in my learning stage with that character but i didnt give up even when I was told “This character is 10x better than Fei”

Moving up from scrub to decent/advanced with Fei (or any character) is probably the most fun anyone can have in a fighting game.

Sin’s main problem anyway isn’t the character he uses but his lack of experience. My advice to Sin is to do some more research and play, play some more, then play again, til he gets a blister from his lolN64 controller… put a bandaid over it then play some more. Naturally you should be able to block and adapt to situations on reaction and from experience you pick up from playing so much.

Totally forgot about the N64-controller. It has a six button layout (a bit unusual though) and a SNES-style dpad. These cross-style dpads may be the opposite of the circular-style Sega dpads, but I remember them being great for Street Fighter, too.

I think it’s a better SF-controller than the Dualshock or any pad that has only 4 face-buttons.

Tundra, do you have any idea what you’re talking about at all man? Just stop.

And yeah basically, what infinyte said. We ALL thought fei sucked in the learning stages. It’s hard to think a character is good when all you do is lose with them. It gets better.

I mean, I don’t like to hate on fellow Fei players… But I play PC, Fei Long exclusive. I don’t even play that often and I can almost guarantee you that I will be at G1 with him in the next few weeks, 7000gp atm.

Either way… to the OP. Welcome back to SF. That SRK your talking about will truly only be dealt with properly with time and patience. Just recognize that people will try and snag you with it, keep your eyes open for it. It will turn in to a big opportunity for you to punish them soon. Keep playin.


See above.

Block Sing block, don’t worry once they start kara throwing you, then you know you are blocking good on the SRK. If they get away with a few SRK’s they will keep doing it (if its working why stop) Soon you will start to read the scrubs like a book, and punish accordingly.

you have to be formless,shapeless,like Bodler

Who is Bodler? lol. jk

Umm…I played against a Ken/Ryu user last night who happened to be extremely good with combos, blockstrings/mixups and deep lk crossup combos. He also threw out quite a few srks.

The way I ended up dealing with him? I stopped going on the offensive as he was quick with the srks/FADC’ing and switched to defensive with occasional pokes. In the end, I won (but just barely lol). His advice to me was to stop turtling. I can’t say I did only because of the fact that I couldn’t handle the lk crossups and blocked them out instead of countering.

What I’m really trying to say is that sometimes it’s best to switch to defensive style of playing as opposed to being all offense. Don’t think that with Fei Long you have to be aggressive all the time. Block and wait for the opening. You’ll see the patterns and start being able to break them. (Counterhit or FA if you know you can get in there).

Look if Fei wasn’t any good, how could I have gotten to 42,000+ GP with him right now? I’m surprised myself to see how far I’ve come b/c I came into G1 pretty late after the more experienced Fei Long vets on this board and honestly, I thought I’d never even get into G1 with Fei. I’m no Fei pro…I started out just like everyone else BUT as I learned the matchups more, and with the help of our excellent Fei vets such as Kobrakoun and xSamuraix who do great to help out the Fei community, I found myself doing better and better. I’m currently G1-B with him and I feel like I’m gonna reach G1-A pretty soon…so it can be done and Fei isn’t as crappy as you think. You could say that maybe I play too much but really, when you’re winning 3-4 out of your 5 matchups most of the time and win your championship finals half the time, you gain points and rank up rather quickly. Also you’ll notice more often than not, that the good players are always improving and going up in rank while the not so good players usually have a limit and just stay at a certain skill or rank level…most likely b/c they refuse to adapt or try anything new or simply can’t execute a strategic gameplan with said character.

I’d also like to say that he isn’t really being gimped for using Fei but rather being gimped from not playing SF for over 10 years. We already acknowledged that it’s gonna take some work to win with Fei but that isn’t anything new…Tundra, did you really expect to just pick up Fei and win without any effort? Regardless I, and many other experienced Fei players have proven, he CAN win and CAN be competitive. We put in the hard hours of training and dedication into him and you know what? It really pays off. Fei has never been top tier so using a character that requires more skills and being successful is very rewarding. In SF4, I actually feel he has more tools to work with than the previous SF games…not to mention Honda owned him for free. Now to me, Fei has so many more decent matchups with the top tier characters only giving him some trouble but honestly, it is still a winnable matchup. Why must you only focus on Fei’s cons? He has plenty of good pros ya know. He’s fast, can punish lots of moves that other characters can’t, has good pokes, decent anti air options, a great crossup, good focus attack, damaging super combo, Tenshin can change the tide of battle and adds some mindgames to his arsenal, rekkas are great for chip damage and pressure, EX CW goes through fireballs and can net you some nice damage, etc.

Dang, you guys are on your early 20’s ? man i’m getting old, i feel like an ancient :frowning: (33 this year)

I know i shouldn’t stop playing 15 years ago, now my reflexes sucks :frowning: but getting better :stuck_out_tongue:

to me Fei is one of powerful character but not that easy to master (especially that cw)

His first 2 rekkas are pretty safe to use (if the opponents blocks it you can actually guard from being counter attacked) and it is quick and can give a huge surprise also when you combine his crouching medium kick and forward medium kick usually you will get a hit and confuses the opponent but try to becareful as many tries to counter hit it especially with shoryuken

i actually got a message from another player a few days ago, saying it’s no fun to play with me because I turtle too much. And he’s a Zangief player…

Don’t worry Shin I am the same age, with Rusty Old man hands :slight_smile: I stopped playing after Streetfighter CE in the arcades and just recently got back into playing.

Umm…I’m 54 years old and I still play streetfighter. Take that!

yeah that is old school last i play was Street Fighter 2 Hyper, joined a national tournament (so they say) in Aussie 10,000 participants in 3 days and lost in semifinals, cost me 2 weeks without sleep thinking why did i lose that game :frowning: after that i retired and just started playing about 3 months ago after i got the permisssion to buy PS3 :smiley:

bow down to the legend :smiley: