"I can't be racist, I have a black friend!"


First, segregated proms and now THIS SHIT? Smfh.

I don’t see the problem.

Somebody has to build houses for all the colored people, goodness knows they’re too lazy to do it for themselves.

And don’t try to say I’m racist. I have TWO black friends and I also happen to own the box DVD set of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

come on, hes just a white man comin to you from the southland

Sums up a lot of whites in the midwest. Passive racist remarks are common, I get reminded of it at least once a month.

I can’t be racist, I post on SRK.

I’ll be willing to let white people have nigger-rig, provided that I can say honky-ass rich white greedy bastards without looking like the love child of DMX and Louis farrakhan.

Did he really try to PC nigger-rigging into African-Americanized?


I can’t be racist. I eat fried chicken.

This isn’t thread worthy.

Yea I’ve never seen anyone come under fire for saying racist insensitive shit about white people so go ahead.

Can anyone explain to me why people think calling a white person a honky, offends them? I’ve been called a cracker and a honky, and I couldn’t tell if they were just being funny or legitimately trying to insult me. Even if they were, I don’t see how that word is supposed to hurt my feelings. I understand most racial slurs but I never got that one.

He is just concerned about building standards and quality of workmanship! Its a good thing.
I mean, would you want somebody who was building YOUR home to Jew out on the quality?

I can’t be racist. I use storm in mvc2

“I can’t be racist, I rape my black slaves”-Jefferson

and this thread is going downhill in 3…2…1…

I’m racist, I have no black friends. :frowning:

Cuz this thread wasn’t pointless from the beginning?

Obligatory “If it was a black politician saying things about white people, no one would care”.

I can name 5 Nascar drivers. I’m definitely racist.

I know more White music artists than Black. I’m racist against 1/2 my people. /Shame on me

I grew up in an area where “nigger-rig” was a fairly mundane way to indicate something was just slapped together or otherwise not done by the book.

I’m not trying to pass off subtle racism as culture, but some people really don’t know any better.

To the other point, the moment you have to say, “I have a black friend,” your standing as pretty much anything other than racist is forfeit.