I can't beat anyone on SSF4 network

I haven’t played SF2 for a long time except the olden days with regular SF2 and Alpha sometimes. I decided to go on the network to play a few people after I got SSF4 today. Well so far I have almost a 20 streak loss without even 1 win. I just don’t understand it, I cannot beat 1 person on network. it got so frustrating that I almost threw my controller threw the TV. I even got beat by people with names like Cinnomangrrl. Then my thumb cramped up and I lost control of my left hand and I had to use my right hand to stretch my left thumb back to normal again. Man that hurt bad. I did some of the challanges to learn the moves, but these people on the network seem impossible. I still have 0, 0 points.

If you’re just starting SF after a long, long break, it’s going to take a bit until you can get back in the groove. Focus on consistently anti-airing your opponent, since a lot of players at the low end of the BP/PP scale tend to go for repeated jump-ins.

Your knowledge of the game is minimum and your reflexes are most likely rusted, what did you expect?

Technical execution of combos is just a part of the game, learn basic gameplay mechanics which can be safe jumps (ie. not jump on Ruy because he’s gonna SRK your ass), invulnerability frames of some moves, positive or negative frames on block of some moves, what a crossup is, and just keep playing and do it for FUN, the moment you stop getting fun is the moment you stop learning, go get a beer and hang out with friends and then return.

You did just say you got SSF4 today. Its obvious your going to be beaten to a pulp already online. Just cause you have the option to play online when you get a game doesn’t always mean you should. Go learn the basics even if you already played SF2 in the olden days or whatever. SSF4 is totally different. Learn your stuff. Practice, practice, practice! You’ll get there eventually. Just got to regain your roots again.

It’s completely normal to lose 20 times in a row against players when you’re not used to playing against others. Read up on the game as much as possible; hit the forum for the character you’re using here on SRK. Also, Seth Killian wrote some great articles;

Domination 101

David Sirlin wrote a book;

Game Design, Psychology, Flow, and Mastery - Playing to Win Index

You could also check sonichurricane.com, but that’s probably pretty complex for you at the moment.

Good luck, don’t give up.

First, play a while offline and pick one or two characters to focus.

yea, I thought I could use my old skills from regular SF2 but it just wasn’t working. I was hoping i would be matched against people like me, but it seems even the bad ones beat me. Whats a good character to start with? Im a big Zangief fan, but I have a feeling he isn’t really beginner friendly.

i thought this thread was gonna be on how shitty the online is.

The most begginer friendly character is Ryu in my opinion

Ryu is arguably easiest to pick up but please don’t unless it’s your thing.

Pick whatever you have the most fun playing, read up on that character’s sub forum, learn it’s fundaments and a few bread 'n butter combos (preferably one punish and one block string), do a few trials, spend a lot of time in training room, watch high level matches on YT and just play, play, play.

I lost way more than you did when I started out about a month ago. Swallow your pride, try and not get frustrated, don’t care about your stats, keep an open mind; but most importantly, try to enjoy the experience. But expect to lose, a lot. There’s a proverb in another game that I played that goes like, “lose your first hundred games as fast as possible”. Then you lose some more.

That’s about all the advice I can give you.

I got the game a little over a week ago and I’ve won a couple more than 10 matches out of 100 and only against certain players or matchups.

A certain number of your matches (I’m not sure how many) are available to be replayed, and in slow motion if you like. Spend time in training mode after picking a character to learn their combos/punishes. When you play online, take the time to watch the replays after several of them so that you can pay full attention to what you could have done differently that might have been more effective and try to work those things into your online play. Rinse and repeat.

The videos are accessed somewhere in the menu. I haven’t had the game long enough to remember exactly where just take a look around in network battle menu.

thanx for advice. I finally won 2 bouts yesterday with geif. It was one of those types of fights where I was losing pretty bad and then all of a sudden I got a few piledrivers in and throws and won the bout. I have like a little over 50 points now. But Im gonna try to practice a little more with the ultras and combos.

I’m going to play a game where I have little experience in and compete with experienced players and expect to win. Of course you are going to lose… Best advice for you is to go in training mode. Learn combos for your character. After that, you can only learn the rest from lots and lots of experience.

Don’t learn about combos or training mode too much yet, really.

  1. Play through Arcade Mode on increasing difficulty levels.
  2. Learn simple cancels, such as M. Bison’s cr.MP (b)f+K combos, or Rose’s cr.MP to qcf+LK.
  3. Learn which of your character’s normals are the best.
  4. Learn how to throw properly.
  5. Stop making stupid jumps.

You’ll be fine in a few days, don’t worry. Everyone is rusty starting back up.