I can't beat Dan!

one of my friends is ‘combo’ always with Dankukyaku which I cannot parry. It is very annoying and he seems to block everything I do and I cannot parry this! I couldnt find a decent strategy guide for fighting Dan nor here or on Youtube, it seems Bullcat never fought a Dan before :stuck_out_tongue:

Help please!! I need advise from Gouken Gurus! I really want to improve.

Thanks in advance.

It’s more of a general issue when a character can spam safe on block moves on Gouken. I would block and tech until he gives up on the loop. Then use some normals to space yourself away.

I don’t know what is teching :frowning: sorry!!!

i did a first to ten with a dan player and posted it on youtube back in vanilla.
you might find some of it useful.

YouTube - raunwynn’s Channel
YouTube - raunwynn’s Channel
YouTube - raunwynn’s Channel

This is awesome man thanks you very much

you’re welcome!

if he is looping that kick just stuff it.

crouching mk works well, and so does standing hard kick. problem is, from its appropriate range it can be too quick to react to. if you block it, he has you where he wants you, don’t let him get there, find out where that range is where he can throw it, stay out of it, then walk into it and throw your dankyaku stuffer when you see his startup or feel he is going for it… reacting to it after it happens is gonna put you in a bad place. you can counter the aerial one by the way.

one trick you can do if you’ve blocked it, is crouch tech option select with cr mk (press downback lk,lp, and mk all at the same time. if he grabs, you will tech, if he does any slow move you will stuff with mk(4 frames), if he blocks you can just cancel the crmk into demonflip and go for a mixup, in fact if you stuff with it you should still cancel into flip. and if you’re cancelling into flip and you end up teching a grab, you wont flip. so its safe to cancell into flip…of course once he sees it coming, you have to change things up

Keep Dan away (a good Dan should always be close to you), that’s your best bet. Up close, Dan has a shoryuken and those damn kicks that stop you cold and when you’ve think you guessed right, GRAB.

Dan, in a nutshell, is kicking your ass on wake and poking you to death. It’s actually not a great matchup for Gouken since Dan has several specials that are nearly unpunishable by the old man.

I had similar issues with Dan until a few days ago when I discovered just how useful cr.HP (crouch hard punch) is for interrupting his combo flow (particularly that damn flying knee).

Depending on distance I think you can stuff it outright at range, or you’ll trade – and i’ll take that trade all day to stop him getting in clean. Definitely seems like a strong anti-Dan move when he looks in danger of getting over your fireballs. To be used in the intermediary phase where he’s a bit too close for fireballs (eg: he could jump and get in on the wrong choice of angle) but still not 100% “in”. Can give you just enough breathing room to stop him transitioning into his proper up-close game…

After blocking his lk tatsu, he has quite a few options. he can do either a cr.lp or cr.lk canceled to another lk.tatsu, he can clean lk.tatsu, he can do a crossover tatsu, he can srk, and he can throw. It’s a horrible mixup that really doesn’t give gouken many options for getting out. block’n’tech is really your only choice for the most part. If you are feeling like you can predict he’ll do a lp or lk cancel, then ex.kongo, otherwise you’d probably want to do a crouching lk,lp,mk os tech, but do it fairly late to help in the case of delayed srk.

So ya, do your best not to get into that situation. :slight_smile:

Just my 2 cents.

does ex tatsu beat Dans tatsu clean?

yes, and if you can predict it in time (meaning enough time to overcome the move overlap), lk.tatsu is also a good choice.