I can't beat Guile...and I main him!



do you have the same problem?

how do you get around Guile?

I’ve read the character matchups…not much help.

What I have trouble with is:

c.hk (sweep)

FK (I try to push the action and want to get some kind of advantage so I jump in…and pay for it! If I don’t jump in, the other asshole just turtles!, if I rush/dash, I still get the FK).

I get beat by retarded shit! - when the only combo someone knows is c.lp x4…and that’s it, no follow up, no mixup…

I make an effort to try at least one new combo that I’ve been working on, or to beat someone in a specific way (it’s backfired on me a few times). Me, as a Guile player, I want to try and make shit up on the fly, or get out a 5-6 hit combo that I’ve been working on. I mean, it’s so sweet when you actually pull it off.

The Guile’s that I’ve ran into are not that good, based on how they play, how much they turtle, the amount of BP and GP they have…


Edit: Ah, your post has been edited so now I have more to go on.


-Sweep: I only use this when I feel like I’m making Guile look like he has qcf commands. In which I mean I’m bringing the rush down. Sonic Boom, c.:lk:, c.:lk:, s.:lp:, Sonic Boom, Sobat, c.:lk:, c.:hk:. Most of the time I’m so in the zone, even if the opponent blocks the sweep and tries to counter I’ll Sobat out and throw a Sonic Boom again. You can probably throw a target combo in there somewhere. Hell, sometimes if the rush down juice is flowing so good, I’ll do TWO target combos back to back, c.:lk:'s, Sonic Boom, sweep. Hell, let’s just say I throw sweep out there when I got a good thing going and don’t feel like buying charge time using c.:lk:'s and such, because that can be boring and it’s fun to experiment!

-Sweep [part 2]: When they jump in from afar. Sure a Flash Kick could probably hit them, but it will most likely trade. And trading sucks. If you sweep when they land, you can have a chance to knock them down. If that fails, Sobat out!

-Flash Keek: If THEY Flash Kick from a distance, you should already have a Sonic Boom on hand and ready for that ass when they land. If you don’t, see if you can tag them with a Backfist. If they’re literally across the screen, that shit NEEDS to be punished by a Sonic Boom. Hell, EX Sonic Boom if you have it. And if you miss the perfect time to tag them with a Boom, throw one anyways [if it’s safe]. Build that meter and keep them out.

If YOU want to Flash Kick, then I would only suggest Flash Kicking when they’re jump in seems like it would land outside of c.:mk: distance. Anything closer should be dealt with c.:hp:. It’s amazing how more reliable that move is.

-Jab Cambos: Have that EX Flash ready for a possible jump away or jump in attempt. If you’re getting pelt by jabs, I would hope your blocking, and crouch blocking at that. Which means you got that charge on lock for either a Boom or a Flash. Also, as a finishing note: Abuse the target combo if you can. Target Combo, Target Combo, Sobat, Sobat, Sobat, BOOM!

Brought to you by Theory Fighter 101.


Not sure if you mean your sweep or their sweep.

I rarely sweep, and I try to do it less than I already do because it’s not very safe.
I use the sweep if I jump in from far away with a rh and then cr.rh for a good damage 2 hit combo. That is if I’m too far away for cr.lp>cr.mp > FK or SB (SB safer of course).

If they sweep (and I love when they do) I like to flash kick them before the 2nd hit comes around. If they miss FK my favorite is cr.mp>FK.

Also, don’t forget about his airthrow. Learn his normals, especially s.hp and ->s.hp, and s.hk knowing when someone is in range of those is very usefull.


Don’t sweep ever unless you are sure it will connect. A good Guile will FK you in between the kicks.

Don’t jump unless it’s a cross up or you’re absolutely certain you leapt at the start up for the boom or else you will feel the pain.

Have booms ready to go just in case.

And walk up throw is your friend. This can become a staring contest, and it never fails that sometimes a Guile will just NOT give up their charge. With his decent walk speed, walk up throw can be a game changer even though it’s small.

Punish the hell out of jump-in’s once they’re frustrated from you not jumping.


Thanks fellas, this helps! The Sobat thing is effin sweet! Also that knee boom that he does.


i was having this problem too…luckily not anymore.

i play as more of a rush down guile than a turtle…so when i was running into these turtle guile players they were killing me even though i didn’t think they were on my level (not trying to say i am the man or anything).

a couple of things i have picked up from playing other guiles and how to beat them if you play in a more attacking style like me:

counter that hk sweep with flash kick/ex flash kick/ultra. avoid using the sweep yourself too.

cross them up on wake up as guile is one of the easiest characters in the whole game to cross up.

try not to get into a sonic boom match unless you are confident you are better than them at it.

bait them in for the air throw. if they keep falling for it then you are already ahead in the mind games.

if they jump in on you…focus attack/ultra or whatever follow up you want to use. i find that other guile’s get eaten by f.a’s quite often when they jump in.

hope that was of some help.


Watch how people punish your mistakes in mirrors. Learn from the experience.


Really? I’ll add you in that case. jk lol


some of the better guile’s I’ve played like to punish walk-after booms with flash kick right after they block the boom. I try to block and counter-punish. That theory though works well, a lot of what guile has is slow startup and not positive on block so a lot of his stuff can be punished with ex-flash kick.

that and a ton of mind games, punishing fk sweep attempts, and using focus attacks as well as cross-ups.


I don’t get dominated, it’s always close…except when playing against lux.

lol…but he’s really not kidding.


id love to get my ass kicked. if i dont i wont ever learn and whats the fun in that? hahaha

any who, i didnt mean it the way it sounded. im not a good guile. what i meant was that i just havent been around good guiles. which sucks, would love a spar partner