I can't beat Hazama! :(


Any BlazBlue Continuum Shift Players? I use Ragna in this game, and Hazama just keeps beating the crap out of me with his distortions :frowning:


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Use Hakumen.


I play with skill to beat all the characters in story/arcade mode, but when I get to hazama, if I cant beat him on my first try, I just use repetitive cheap moves. Just cant stand how if you’re in his green zone thing, he sucks your life, and his health is healing…


are you talking about computer or players?
if hazama has 50 meter, don’t mash. if hazama is good at stance dancing, don’t jump. other than that watch his snake meter, the moment that thing runs down to 0, he can’t fly across the screen after a hit/block, so don’t fear it.

if you’re talking about computer, play rachel and be super lame.


I couldn’t beat him either, and I had to quit :frowning:

I relied too much on standing right next to my enemy and just laying into them and that Green ring was just a huge punishment…


Against a CPU Hazama, I just do the same combo over and over, just 5ABC into Hell’s Fang. When he had heat, I just baited out his his supers. Against a human Hazama, I haven’t a clue since I don’t play Ragna. :frowning:

Though 5B > all