I can't believe some people

Okay so I decide to take some time to relax, watch some of my anime shows so I take my laptop to the living room for the 84"HDTV. I put on a show. My brother walks in, sees a maximum of 1 minute, says it’s “weak” and “garbage” and I just flew off the handle. He does this all the fucking time.

I asked him if he saw the whole thing and he said he skipped through parts of it (damn ass lie) and said “it didn’t appeal to me” and then I was like how the hell didn’t it appeal to you if you haven’t seen it? He was like, “it’s my opinion” and I said “you don’t have an opinion because you have nothing to base it on!!”

Oh he’s done it to games too. Everything I play is garbage unless he says it’s not. So apparently my Dragon Age Origins, MGS4, Uncharted, Final Fantasy XIII, Batman Arkham Asylum are all garbage and guess what, he’s had ZERO playtime on either of those games. He doesn’t even have a game system.

This is utter insanity, I don’t even know what to do anymore.

How about ignore him and understand that people have different opinions other than yours?

How about you stop watching GARBAGE.

only an unculutured gaijin baka swine like yourself would every consisder anime GARBAGE

So you’re a strange weeaboo with poor taste that likes to gurgle dick? How unfortunate.

WTF? Deja vu. :confused:

This feels so familiar…


nobody cares what your brother thinks…hell we don’t care what you think, this isn’t live journal or myspace. or game faqs for that matter

Troll account. I mean look at the fucking name. That said, the vast majority of serialized anime is garbage. Some notable exceptions:

Cowboy Bebop
Welcome to the NHK
Paranoia Agent
Fist of the north star (one notably grimey exception to ALL RULES)

Japan doesn’t even know you exist.

The vast majority of everything is garbage lol.

and therefore life sucks oh noes


I think you mean
Lucky Star
Boku no Pico

yup, this motherfucker is trolling :razzy:




SRK - post 2008.

Lucky Shit
Noone knows what this shit is

srs troll

Maybe you just need to be playing more of DAT MADDEN to gain your brother’s love? No homo of course… unless you really want it.

That yaoi, aka, gay anime porn.

A bad series at that. :rofl:

And this is from a connoisseur.

It’s the best freaking shota series ever