I cant believe this nonsense

i went to training mode with cammy just for the hell of it and i found out that doing 360 backwards + k produces a cannon spike. i seriously think this is bullshit. is it the easy motion that is messing with me or is it the sensitivity of the japanese stick? i did nothing close to a SRK input yet a cannon spike is coming out. i am seriously too amazed at this nonsense to continue playing at the moment.

Dunno how you did that 360 spin, but df,df,p is a well-known SRK motion shortcut in sf4.

maybe i hit the srk motion on accident then. i hope they get rid of these -easy inputs- in the next game

sometimes i really hate this game…with a passion because of these shortcuts

With Viper, i’ll get Seismo when trying to do Thunder knuckle during her Corner Burn Kick combo

With cammy…cannon spikes when doing Tiger Knee cannon Strikes

much much more weird crap. ehhhhh

I’ve gotten the same thing. I get that if I’m trying to TK strike too quick. If I do anything too quick, Cannon Spike. :-/

ya, slowing things down clear stuff up. but i’d rather get nothing than whiff a completely different move.

I do mentally tend to move faster than the game if that makes sense to any one. It gets me into a lot of trouble

The SRK shortcut most often messes up Ryu’s ultras too it seems. People don’t finish the QCFx2, and hit 2xdf + PPP rapidly and get an EX shoryuken instead since there is no PPP srk.

Speaking of 360 motions if someone uses their ultra against me and I can do Cammy’s at the same time I wind the stick in 360 motions and end with forward+kicks when their ultra finishes and it usually works. I never noticed I did that actually till someone pointed it out and asked why it worked.

Actually I don’t mind the :df::df: srk shortcut, as for me it makes it a bit easier to get it off on a stick. The other one though I can easily blame for massive pain on cammy’s person *its :df::d::df: *.

oh my gosh!!! :df::d::df: I HATE THAT WITH A PASSION!!! I’m learning to get around that one though.

shortcut srks need to die seriously. its caused nothing but trouble in the most critical moments

like cannon spiking a full screen distance away from you opponent during a close match when you wanted to do a damn tk strike but didnt because of bullshit leniency? :annoy:


The Super short cuts are the worst =/ I always wanna save full bar for a nice big combo but I get super come out far too much.

Yeah. when I spin the stick too far for a TK cannon strike I get a cannon spike too…

thats why i burn 1 ex meter when i have super,Don’t want to lose all meter.

haha I do that from time to time. There are times where I think, “I’m not going to screw up and throw a random super! I’m better than before!”

and then… RANDOM SUPER! :sad:

Yes I have started doing the same…sigh
oh well.
I’d better get into training mode and make sure I dont have this problem anymore.
I find s.hp into CS to be the worst for provoking supers.

On an interesting note, I wonder if anyone of us actually uses supers for cammy…on puropose? I think I only did so once and that was because I was up against a turtle and managed to build a full super bar without revenge meter.

I used to be in the habit of burning an ex bar to avoid an accidental super but lately I’ve stopped that, if I have super I start looking for a HK SA to stick the super on the end. You can land HK SA after so many things when you’re looking to land the super it becomes quite useful.

Once in a while I’ll use this combo - TKStrike -> Cr HP -> Cr MK -> SA -> Super. Without damage scaling it does around 528 damage. It’s great if you can use it at the start of a round.