I can't combo 2 tackles

I know the trick to combing 2 tackles is:
Charge B then press F+K, then hold B to ready for next tackle.
The thing is it doesn’t work for me, is there some more to it?

You just have to do it quickly. As soon as you f+K you have to be charging back again. So it’s more like charge back, forward, back (charge) forward, back (charge) and hit the kick button simultaneously with each forward direction.

no no no no. charge downback, press foward, charge downback, THEN PRESS MK, then foward, then mk.

this is all basic stuff thats in emphys thread about unblockables. pretty much the only urien thread you ever need to know about.

So it’s like this?
DB, F, DB, F+K, F+K
Hmm will try 2nite, thanks guys!

Db, F, Db+mk, F+mk

does it work on everybody cuz i only can get it to work on chun ryu and q

It works on Chun Li, Gouki, Ryu, Sean, Urien, Ken, Q, Makoto, Hugo, Ibuki, Remy, Elena, Yun, Twelve, Necro, Yang and Dudley.

Oh I get it now! Will try soon.
tHANKS guys!

Hmm the problem HAS to be in my fingers. I do Charge DB then I press F-NEUTRAL-Press MK+DB then I do F+K but it still doesn’t work, will keep practicing though…

some times when I hit a oponent whit HK charge, in mid air, I can do MK charge and it hit, 2 hit whit two charge!..

then the mp headbutt also works on them after the 2 tackles…?

also which characters does this work on…
corner - down hp, short tackle, lp sphere, tackle?


tackle, fb, tackle also works on urien

and i got tackle, d+hp, tackle towork on elena before

where does remy fall?

you can do tackle, tackle, headbutt on just about everyone. even oro and twins. remy is the same deal. tackle, tackle, headbutt off a low hp.

but only the following will be juggled by tackle, fb, tackle:

urien, dud, alex (hard to do)
mak, chun, 12, necro, q, elena(easy to do)

gootech’s list is direcly copied from some of the rx’s vids. it’s obvious because the ibuki, twin unblockable and the other ones are exactly what rx did. but since he only listed some of the chars i’d assume he only got some of 26 rx vids.

thanks for the information…now heres the deal…

i can do the 2 tackles on shotos…using forward for the first and short for the second…

but i have yet to do it with the twins, and the others except those who are affected by the tackle, fb, tackle…
how come…? should i use forward kick for the 2 tackles instead of forward then short?

thnx guys for the awesome tips and infos…

With Uriens game, everything can be harder (or easier) depending on the opposing character chosen. A good example of this is the twins being c. fp -> tackle -> tackle -> headbutted. Another would be Q being c. fp -> lk tackle -> fp fireball -> mk tackle -> mk tackle. The twins being really hard, and Q being one of the easiest fireball combos in the game (mp/lp fireball can also be used).

Using short tackle on people whom you need to juggle a second time quickly is generally a good thing, because it hits slightly sooner and allows for a slightly longer charge time. I use mk for all tackle juggles, and lk for the majority of fireball juggles. As for getting the actual twins juggled … Practice makes better. I’d say perfect, but if you can juggle the twins with c. fp -> tackle -> tackle -> headbutt 100%, you’re a freak. :karate:

whoa, you just absolutely said nothing.

He said that you can’t expect it to work on everyone as easily as it works on shotos (truth, and a fine response to the post he quoted dont ya think?))

…and he said it’s really friggin’ hard to do on the twins anyhow and hinted at the fact that you might be better off doing something else that is at least guaranteed (truth)

what to do against the twins if i have no meter…cr. hp, rk tackle, fierce?..

just sharing some of my experiences…
i can do 2 tackles with shotos, but never using 2 forawrd tackles…i use forward only for the first one…does that sound stupid?