I can't combo 4 tackles

Ok, 2 I can do… 3 outside of corner no sweat… but FOUR?

How they hell is it done? I assume it’s not partition, because I don’t think you can partition the same special move.

Really tight programmable controller buffering?

http://media.putfile.com/Urien-Shoulder-Mania Check it out at the end of this vid…

is this thread a joke?

this is stupid

You know, looking at join dates makes this one of the most ironically funny threads I’ve ever seen on SRK.


sometimes, in my dreams…after i just had some realyl incredible sex…

i see myself doing 8 tackles.

only sometimes though. so can someone help me with that?

Well, it is kind of a joke, because I’m sick of seeing people ask about comboing 2 tackles.

Although… while I can only get 3 to combo myself, it definitely is possible. I don’t know why you are saying this is stupid.

gill was ressurecting so he kept floating upwards thats how the four tackles are possible in that video if it is real

Ehhh… naw. I don’t think so. Once he gets hit, he starts falling. He doesn’t start rising until he lands.

Click here to watch another example

I’m guessing it’s just really, really, really tight charge buffering (programmable controller tight?)

Wow I thought you meant a 4 hit tackle with an Ex tackle in it. I really didn’t think it was possible to do four normal tackles in a row.

Do it after an anti-air fireball. Not very hard against chun, necro, q, or elena. I usually do a HK tackle first and then all MK tackles after that. If I go for a 5th tackle it’ll be a LK tackle. Charge buffer “tricks” will help with one tackle but you don’t need it.

I just saw four tonight by Daniel up in Nor Cal. But it had EX (I didn’t watch the vid). It started outside of the corner but took the opp. to the corner where he finished it.

err…ex tackle doesnt’ count. sphere, hk tackle, ex tackle, tackl, tackle…that shit is urien basic 101 man…honestly, all urien players must be able to do this combo in his sleep…

i have never seen four mk corner tackles…even partitioning and charger bufferring i dont think its possible on any body other then gill during ressurection…the most i can do is three and thats after a whiffed fierece corner aegis

What can I say… watch the vids. Ressurrection doesn’t mean anything really, considering he launch with MP, it wasn’t that high. In the other vid, he does 4 from a ducking fierce.

fatbear: It worked! I did 4 today off a sphere against Gill. My first FOURTH tackle. This is a Urien milestone for me! lol.

I don’t think I’ll ever do it after d.HP though. I can barely do 2 after d.HP… That shit is just crazy.

ive seen urien do 4 against ryu after cr. fierce in a video…


Since no one’s really had the heart to say it so far, I guess I will. The original clip is from the Tosaka vid with all those obscene combos, so yeah, it’s ridiculously tight charge buffering done by programmable controller.

The combo has something to do with Gill’s resurrection, except it has nothing to do with Gill going upwards. The st.lp “kills” Gill, then the st.mp puts Gill into a floating/falling state. Because st.mp doesn’t count as a real “launcher”, it allows Urien to completely maximize the juggle limit by using 5 (theoretically 6) shoulders. The reason for using the st.mpXXex-headbutt at the end instead of a 6th shoulder is to further maximize the juggle limit through cancelling the 6th hit. The time between death & resurrection is used like a stun juggle window, to squeeze in more hits.

And if ANYONE can do 4 tackles off a cr.hp manually, I’d be amazed. Not to mention that the Tweleve vid uses a hk.tackle as the 3rd hit.

Yeah, and I’ve seen Yun do like… 27 kara’ed cr.jabs against Alex in a video. But I stopped working on that combo when I realized that doing 27 kara’ed cr.jabs is just a little on the hard side.

strakka is my hero

What do you mean about programmable controller & how do you kara cancel cr.jabs with Yun strakka?

No need to ask. Just forget everything.