I can't connect to Zbattle anymore

I’m new to it. I played a few games yesterday. WHen I tried to connect today… I can’t. What’s wrong?

it’s been down since yesterday afternoon. Sites down too. I dunno whats up.

Ah I see. Are you the who owned me like 14 times in SSf 2? My pad sucks :stuck_out_tongue:

Dunno. Whats your zbattle handle? I’ve been having a LOT of people that I don’t know dropping out on me wen they get stomped by Gief.

Well, you know you have weird hand coordination! Good game yesterday by the way. :clap:
Just a few ?s though

Minor ones:
How long have you been using zangeif?

What other tricks do you use other than the ones I figured out?

How old are you, 25?

Do you use final burn alpha emu?

Do you think she’s hot?

Major one:
Why the hell were you asking me where I lived? Thats personal information you know! :cool: