I can't control it! - The Phoenix Thread

Who is Phoenix?

Official HQ Art [Click Here]
Official Theme Music [Click Here]

Color Scheme/Alternate Costumes
[]Green/Gold > Dark Phoenix Red/Gold [View Image]
]Dark Blue/Gold [View Image]
[]White/Gold [View Image]
]Black/Gray [View Image]

MvC3 Legend

[details=Spoiler]:l: = Light Attack
:m: = Medium Attack
:h: = Heavy Attack
:atk: = Any attack button
:s: = Launch (Air Combo Button)
:a1: = Assist Partner 1
:a2: = Assist Partner 2
[]Current default arcade stick button layout - [View here]
]“How to play” MvC3 card - [View here]

Special Moves

Phoenix’s Special Moves

[details=Spoiler]TK Shot - :qcf:+:atk:
[TK Shot Gif]

TK Trap - :qcb:+:atk:
[TK Trap Gif]

TK Overdrive - :dp:+:atk:
[TK Overdrive Gif]

Teleportation - :rdp:+:atk:
[Teleportation Gif][/details]

Hyper Combos
Phoenix’s Hyper Combos

[details=Spoiler]Phoenix Rage [Level 1] - :qcf:+:atk::atk:
[Phoenix Rage Gif]

Healing Field [Level 1] - :qcb:+:atk::atk:
[Healing Field Gif]

Dark Phoenix [Level 5]
[Dark Phoenix Gif]

"To turn Phoenix into Dark Phoenix you basically have to have all 5 of your super bars full when you die, and then when you’re killed on the last hit, you’re reborn as the Dark Phoenix…When she does becomes dark phoenix, every move that she hits, basically, shoots fireballs in every direction…She gets a new life bar when she dies and it will slowly countdown automatically. And she also takes a lot of damage very quickly." - Seth Killian [Source]

Assists (In the works)

Phoenix’s Assists

[]a/TK Shot/Shot/:f:
[Assist a Gif]
]B/TK Overdrive/Direct/:f:
[Assist B Gif]
[*]y/TK Trap/Shot/:uf:
[Assist y Gif]

[]2011/02/04 - Seth Killian Talks Phoenix With Bitmob [Click Here]
]2011/01/17 - Seth Killian Answers ?s About Phoenix [Click Here]
[]2011/01/07 - Gameplay Captures [Click Here]
]2011/01/06 - MQ Captures from Here Comes A New Challenger - Intro. Video [Click Here]
[]2011/02/06 - Phoenix’s Mission Mode Completed By SmexyMillz - [[media=youtube]ILXAJNLnNc0"[/media]]
]2011/01/28 - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Gameplay Video #18 [[media=youtube]cxwUBkmJba8"[/media]]
[]2011/01/27 - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Gameplay Video #17 [[media=youtube]qq-O_naCF7w"[/media]]
]2011/01/10 - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Gameplay Video #15 [[media=youtube]9mOC0CGDzMI"[/media]]
[]2011/01/10 - Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Gameplay Video #14 [[media=youtube]F-UgaGnbQ2U"[/media]]
]2011/01/07 - Phoenix and Haggar Gameplay [Click Here]
[]2011/01/07 - Seth Killian Talks About Phoenix and Haggar with G4 [Click Here]
]2011/01/06 - Here Comes A New Challenger - Introduction Video [[media=youtube]oXk-6fVFxCc"[/media]]

be the first one to make a thread before anyone else go go go

Also Phoenix looks pretty crazy.

Fuck yes!!! This is the character I’ve been hoping for alongside Ammy! Change the name and make this the main Phoenix thread please so we can get to discussing.

Things I’ve noticed:

[list]Fast projectiles, one even OTGs apparently.[/list]
[list]Can tri-jump[/list]
[list]Revives and changes to Dark Phoenix with 5 levels at “death” (as predicted).[/list]
[list]“Healing field” move that recovers red life.[/list]

I’m loving this.

My “Elements” team is complete! Ammy/Storm/Phoenix. :bgrin:

Phoenix looks like one crazy bitch.

I don’t know what to say.

This is messed up.

Awesome. Kinda debunks the Human Torch shit about being on fire taking up too much RAM lol.

Not really, he supposedly had fire on every normal.

Phoenix looks crazy good, I don’t know what to say, really. She has like everything you need, except health, but thats to be expected, especially if you are a female in a Capcom game.

This bitch looks hot. I think Imma use her a lot. :bgrin:

So, does this thread actually have Preppy’s permission?

Moves we see in the trailer-
Special moves-
1- Air projectile that goes down at a 45 degree angle. Can also be done on the ground
2- A dashing punch attack where she dashes across the screen can be done in the air. Also seems to have a version where she dashes to the air ala Viper’s Thunder Knuckle
3- She has a projectile attack that can be delayed and have it stay in front of her before sending it at her opponent. This appears as the form of a Phoenix how long it can be delayed has yet to be seen.
4- When in the air she can cancel a chain into Flight mode activation and continue with another chain.
5- she has a teleport

supers include-
1- Lvl. 1- super projectile attack
2- Healing field- not sure how many lvls it’s worth but it may recover her red health only?
3- get Koed while at Lvl. 5- Phoenix ressurects at max health. Her health slowly depletes
4- Body charge attack- Think Psycho crusher but with flames.

When ressurected her attacks power-up-
1- She fires 2 air projectiles. They are slower but home in on the opponent
2- Phoenix projectile is bigger
3- Teleport is faster?
4- Supers get powered up too

Thanks to Carpark and Nitro Noodlz for additional info =)

Anyone else notice her life constantly decreases in dark pheonix mode? Guess it was capcoms way of keeping her from being broken, can’t say I disagree with it to be terribly honest, a team of her and morrigan with her super building assist could get very annoying if she kept regenerating herself everytime she died.

Overall she is looking nice though, I wonder if there is anyway to use the healing field on your teammates.

The 6th X-Men rep BTW.

While powered up, her 2 fireballs are slower but they are also homing.

The move that made her “recover” from the air chain was flight mode, Tizoc. Any character with flight mode can do that, as we’ve seen with Iron Man a bunch of times.

Did anyone else catch how her health seemed to stop draining when she activated X-Factor while in Dark Phoenix mode? It’s hard to see on the iPhone version of the clips (shoutouts to work proxies blocking streaming media), but that looks like it’d be mad useful.

Also, love her voice acting. The “I can’t control it” before hulking out is perfect.

alright gonna add that to my post thanks guys!
I will edit it eventually to make it easier to read.

And people were complaining about Street Fighter and Darkstalkers having three characters, lol.

It probably does this to some extent, but if you notice she uses XFAC before using the super.

Jennifer Hale FTW!