I can't convert my training mode stuff into real games



I am quite new to Street Fighter (less than a year) but I do play quite a bit and I play mostly Ken (not since one year tho it’s been like two months max, I switched because I wanted a character that I like that would be in SF5).

Since my beginnings I have made quite decent improvement as far as combo goes, I can FADC fine and I can do small links pretty well too with Ken. The problem is that this is true only for training mode.

Once I get into a real game it’s like I’ve never trained, I could have trained one hour with a dummy on random block to do H.DP + FADC + ultra if not block or backdash if block,then it’s the real game and I forget to do it or I fail my FADC.
Then I can get a punish, I know a good super easy one but instead I do a grab because it’s my old habit from when I didn’t know anything at all. I loose so much damage.
I can’t do a single tight combo and I fail half of the super easy ones. Since I can’t do link my way of starting combos is always with a jump which I know is terrible, and I even fail those sometimes.

There is litteraly combos that I have 99% success rate in training that I fail in games. I kinda just panic and do half random stuff.

I also train to hit confirm and to confirm counter hits and I can’t do any of these in a real game. Granted I suck at confirming counter hits even in training so it’s not that surprising for this one.

It’s really starting to piss me off so I wonder if it’s only me or if it happened to you too? If so how did you get over it? Just playing a lot?



Play more, post less, force yourself to do the things you know you can do so you stop being afraid of failing in a match.

Some of the things you say you are ass at doing are just hard to do. Confirming from counterhits takes time, getting good at hit confirming takes time, going for full punishes takes time…time spent actually playing people.

So in conclusion: spend more time playing against people and less against a training dummy. Do like 20 mins training mode and then 40 mins playing online.


Ok that is what I expected the answer would be.

I still find it very weird that I freak out when I recognize something I could do in a real game and because of this I fail it. Very annoying.


I’m in the same boat.
Lately I just don’t give a fuck anymore and it works.
What I mean by that is that if I get a punish, I don’t go for the guaranteed high damage punish, I just go for the shit I just learned.
Sometimes I lose game just because I try to apply this specific combo and it helps getting the nervousness out of me and make it muscle memory.


This may seem like a dumb question but just to make sure, are you practising punishing these moves in training mode? as in recording the dummy doing a combo into unsafe special move and then using your combo of choice to punish.


When you are in training mode there is no pressure, when you play a real match there is pressure because on one level you may want to do a combo u learned, but on a deeper level u don’t want to lose. So in training mode set the dummy to cpu and practice your combos on a moving target. Then, and this is the hard part, play a live match and don’t try to win, only try to land that combo. You will lose a bunch of matches but once you start landing the combo in match, the mental block will be gone and u can return to normal.


I do record stuff with the dummy and punish it indeed.

And yes Jason I think this is the solution thans for the tip, I’ll do that.


I always try to work stuff in against the AI in arcade mode before I start trying it out against real opponents, mainly just to make sure I can pull off the execution requirements in a non-controlled situation. If you can do that with any sort of regularity, then you’re ready to try it out against a person.


Another thing is to make sure you’re consciously thinking about what you’re doing when you perform it in a match, instead of just kind of…“going with the flow” I always switch off when I’m playing online and when someone good comes along I end up paying the price and have to switch back on to fight them evenly.


If you’re failing hit confirms you’re not pressing buttons with the intention of them hitting. You’re only panicking because you’re surprised that whatever you were pressing actually hit. Unless you’re doing a tick setup always assume that your move will hit and react only to the block.


Why so scared? It’s a video game just get stuck in and go yolo with that training room tech and do not worry about losing points.


lol its because you probably have seen people who are really good and make the game look different.
What you need to do bro is build confidence and have fun who fking cares if you lose if you are sitting in a match worrying about looking good or being “good” then thats stress on your gameplay that doesnt need to be there. What you need to do is FEEL all your buttons bro and have fun while you are playing you will become less stressed and all that.
I honestly have never went into training mode bro
i’m pretty decent people tell me even though i will drop a combo here and there i dont really care lol I am having fun with the character I am playing and I always respect what is done by my oppenent stop being so serious is what you need to do bro if you like to throw after a focus crumble then grab that mother fucker after the focus crumple bro !


Think about that sweet setup you did or that sick combo and commit to it in the match, regardless of whether you fail or not.

Translating training into actual gameplay isn’t easy and will take time, but remember, if you did it in training you CAN do it in a match. It’s just a matter of your patience and your ability to commit without overthinking it.

Doing something in a match without thinking hard about it is what will take time to get over. You’ll need to build the awareness of spacing, timing and variations in your opponents game, etc.

Seriously though, just go ahead and do it and fail until it works every time.


I’d quote everything that Koh, Jason, and Art said but that would be insane lol; basically everything these guys (and others) have mentioned rings true. This is a learning process and unfortunately you can’t really have it both ways, don’t focus so much on actual victories…rather look for “training victories” - that is - pick a chain/link/confirm that you’ve been working on and try landing the target combo or what have you in a live match. Focus on that more than winning the match; you’ll lose…A LOT, but that’s not important.

What matters here is what’s been mentioned before, training the muscle memory to recognize “oh, I landed low forward? Spiral Arrow, my Arrow got blocked? FADC backdash and reset or fwd dash throw/tk canon strike, etc.” I’m speaking from my point of view as a Cammy main, but you get the gist. The losses you take will feel like wins - at least they did to me - because you’ll be able to get land the one (or more) things that you wanted to in an actual match rather than only against the training dummy.

Can’t tell you how hype I was after I landed Cammy’s double tkcs > ultra or her cl. fierce > far fierce > RH arrow for the first time in a match even though I got REKT lol…


Hi guys! Thank you for all the new advices. I took the advices to heart and focused on landing some of my stuff and it did improve a bit, I am also working on not jumping and more anti-air because I am pretty bad at this too.

Mostly I saw a good improvement on my shoryu fadc U1 which I land quite a bit now and I can do one small combo on wake up almost all the time they don’t block it (I learned some setup which I can do pretty well).

And yes noosetester you are right I don’t really expect to hit a lot of times, tho the opposite happens quite a bit too.