I cant dash out of fireballs at all?


Solved. Microsoft wired keyboard 500 doesn’t have 3 key passthrough on the letter keys, weird it’s native PS/2.

not sure why but I cant focus absorb then dash out but I actually remember being able to do it. Is it still possible? Having a really hard time performing it

tried focus << as the fireball hits then letting go

also tried letting go of focus immediately then dashing neither working for me at the moment.

then tried holding down focus and dashing out while holding it down the whole time.


I take the focus mechanic for granted but i can see how you are confused when you are new to it.
You are applying it wrong, the focus attack basically has two aspects of it, the absorb and the attack itself. You attack by releasing the focus itself.

-To go through non armour breaking moves you press focus, hold it and cancel the focus by either forward or backdashing. You dash after absorbing the attack. Only letting go of the focus once you’ve activated the dash.

-Another way to use it is holding it and releasing the attack and either forward or backdash AFTER the release. This only works if the focus attack actually hits the opponent.


FIgured out what was wrong haha… Wows.

Figured it out by using my 10 dollar arcade stick piece of junk.

Microsoft Wired Keyboard 500 Will not let me hold IK and press A A at the same time so I’ll either have to bind focus or try my other keyboards.

Switched to my Keytronic keyboard

Thanks for the reply Senpai but I actually was aware of this from Vesper Arcade Episode 6.


Ah, so that was the problem. I’ve heard multiple people mention that some keyboards don’t allow simultaneous inputs…very bad for fighting games.


Ugh, key jamming. It sucks.

If your new keyboard doesn’t work out either then just set up a single key to focus/throw/whatever.


Switched to my razer tarantula really hate the feel of this board but it allows even more inputs then the keytronic which I found a limitation when trying to do 3 punch or kick ultras… trying to stick to the low amount of bindings


It is called ghosting. Most mechanical keyboards allow more than 2 keys pressed but does not support full anti ghosting. Most ps/2 supports full anti ghosting. If you still want to use your other keyboard, change your key layout. Keys such as shift can be pressed even if you are pressing 2 other keys


Changed my layout to WASD UIOP JKL: and H is focus space bar is grab… I added back in the EX buttons to avoid ghosting. Switched back to the microsoft board.

This is until I can buy my sanwa parts for my stick in a million years from now.