I can't decide on a design

In order to celebrate the selling of my WoW account for $275, I decided to have a custom stick made. I had a friend draw up a couple of ideas that I had, and I’ve eliminated most of them. However I’m still torn between two of them, and I can’t decide. I’ve asked the gamers that I know personally, and the numbers came up as a dead tie.

Now I turn to you, The Internets, for help.

Tell me which design you like best. If you want to be extra helpful, you can suggest a color combo for the stick, buttons and case, because that will probably take me a long time to decide too.

Enough talk, here are the pictures.

The Mario Stick

The Colbert Nation Stick

Note: The Colbert Nation Stick gets bonus points because not only am I a huge fan of the show, but Stephen Colbert himself lives a mere 5 blocks from me. I’ve never met him personally, but I do see him around all the time, and I could easily get him to sign it for me.

Edit: If someone wants to move this to Immage Mishmash feel free.

It seems like secretly you really want the Colbert stick more than anything. Are you just nervous about people not being cool with it at Evo?

Screw them. Put on your stick what you want man. I’d go with either white or light blue buttons and balltop for the Colbert one, with either a red outside (for the complete patriotic effect) or Dark blue or white for the case.

Anyone that pays $275 for a wow account or any amount at all for one is sad. Colbert stick ftw. Think you could get me an autograph:bgrin:?

No I really love both of them, but I have more of a reason to get the Colbert one.

That Mario immage is really awesome and hard to pass up though.

Colbert stick would be fucking sick, plus I’m pretty sure it’ll be the only one he has ever been asked to sign. Pic is required if it gets done.

I’d go with the Colbert design with white or Clear buttons and Ball. Ofcourse if it was me i get both done just to have anoter kick ass stick

Colbert stick with red, white, blue button scheme, cannot go wrong with that

I was thinking red for LP/LK, white for MP/MK and blue for HP/HK. I don’t know what color I would make the box or ball top yet.

Check your joystick dustwasher size, it might block out part of the image if it’s going on top.

I like #1 with all black btw.

Do you think it will be that much larger than specified in the picture?

Agreed, and maybe.


Colbert all the way. And if you don’t use it I’m gonna steal that shit!

Edit: should’ve gone for more for your WoW account. Managed to get $800 for mine last year. Thank god for idiots who don’t feel like playing the game.

Edit#2: If you can get him to sign that shit then there’s absolutely no reason to go for the mario one.

No you won’t, I payed for it :slight_smile:

Also, that’s alot, but people want 70s now, I never got the expansion.

I meant steal the idea, not the template. :stuck_out_tongue: It wouldn’t fit on my stick anyway.