I can't DFDF1!?


Not too long ago, i picked up my first arcade stick. I have always been average at fighting games using the d-pad, but i thought i would give arcade sticks a try. One of the major issues i’ve had was executing the dfdf1 move (this applies to all fighting games). Im currently playing guilty gear xrd in training mode. They basically want me to 1, (hit confirm), into dfdf1. Everytime i attempt this i feel like i am on the edge of ripping my joystick off. My input usually comes out as (down, diagonal, down, forward, 1). No matter how many times i attempt this, i cant do this consistently. Is there a secret way of doing this that i dont know about?


You might be doing it too fast. Do the motion slower than you’ve been doing it. There should be just enough time to do the input. The thing about doing stuff like this is that there tends to be a correct timing flow to it that you have to get used to.


I will give it a go, thanks! =) Also do you ‘‘let go’’ of the stick after the first df to make in go in the middle? Or do you just move the stick through the middle into the next df?


There’s no secret trick aside from grinding it out.
Everybody once got pissed at this.


Are you talking about the 2 fireball motions? As in 2 quarter circle forwards? That sounds easier to me than doing down,forward,down,forward+punch. Not to mention 2 quarter circle forwards is much more smoother and practical.


Yeah, if you panic and scramble to do it quickly you’re probably never gonna succeed. It’s about doing it firmly and steadily instead of quickly.


OP is using MK notation which makes me think that maybe they’re trying to input the move MK style, just with the cardinal directions down and forward ( :d: :f: :d: : :f: or 26 26 in numpad notation). The thing is, that NRS’s games (such as MK) tend to be the only ones that don’t use diagonals. In other words, you’re supposed to be hitting the diagonals when doing the double quarter circle motion in most normal fighting games ( :qcf: :qcf: or 236 236 in numpad). The case then may be that the OP isn’t smoothly performing the quarter circle motions. If so, then they need to make sure that they’re smoothly doing the input and getting a clean :qcf: every time. Also, most games have enough leniency to allow an extra :df: in between both :qcf:s.


Alright, i seem to have gotten a tiny bit better. Thank you all for your advices. Im also having a little bit of trouble with the shoryuken motion. Instead of doing Z motion, i do forward,down,diagonal. I assume this is the shortcut version? Is this necessarily a bad habit? After weeks of trying to do the Z motion, i managed to learn the ‘‘shortcut version?’’ in about 10 minutes


That’s not the shortcut motion, that’s the classic shoryuken motion.
The shortcuts are df,d,df and f,df,f


Oh really!? So this ‘‘Z’’ motion ive been trying out is not the right way to do it? I’ve been trying out all sorts of things like F,D,DB,DF lol


Wow thats a relief lol


one thing that new stick users have trouble grasping is that you don’t have to ride the gate i.e. push the stick all the way in any direction. the stick actually pushes on 4 little buttons you can’t see but you can feel and hear them click. WIthout the game on play around with the stick and listen to and feel the clicks. You will find that you not only don’t have to push all the way to the gate to push the little buttons, you also don’t have to go all the way back to neutral to let go of the buttons. So for a quick motions like 2 quarter circles forward you are just doing a tiny 450 degree motion in the lower corner of the range of the joystick. James Chen has a video about this and other execution issues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DN0nTnltyk