I cant do a shinryuken when somebodys on the ground

im having a problem with ken and science nobody is bringing it up i might as well iv see on you tube that you can do a shinryuken while somebody is on the ground i dont know if anybody seen it but if you can do it let me know i need help

dudley corner throw only and you have to throw him into a corner.

corner = space= ken= dudley= corner

i thought shinryuuken works everywhere on dudley but he cant tech roll or it wont work.

you could be right, my execution just must be good in the corner >.<

Doing it against a standing opponent? Cancel it from a SRK I guess.

dudley only, corner only

Yeah me too, I science that problem all the time.

is it the same thing with sean

Ryu also… The timing is hard but once you do it once(training mode over and over again) you’ll be able to do it all the time. I watched a vid where it was done and just kept practicing. It’s not useful all the time unless your arch nemesis happens to be duds and you’re a die hard shoto man

One thing about Gouki tho is that he doesn’t need to be in the corner to connect SA2 against Dudley otg, he for some reason can do it anywhere on screen.

He is bad ass… thats why :slight_smile: