I can't do Balrog's basic combos

Okay before I ask anything, I do know and can do the following:

  • Headbutt into ultra/super (I can only get 3 hits out of the super…this is right, right?)
  • I understand the idea of snapping back to a charge state immediately after doing a special

I’m not sure if these apply, just showing that I know the very basics of charge characters and that’s pretty much it. Except this.

Crouching light punch, crouching light punch, crouching light kick, special (as far as I know, any of them. Or at least EX Dashing Upper, light Dashing Straight, and headbutt).

I just can’t do it. The straight just never comes out. I did it ONCE in trial mode, but that’s it. I can do a single light punch or light kick into the special easily, but if I do any light-attack combos beforehand, it seems to make the charge move impossible. Am I doing something wrong, or am I just stupid?

P.S. Not as important…but can Balrog do a full Ultra 1 out of a focus attack, or just part of it?

Thanks ahead of time,

It’s because the moves are cancels. As soon as your move hits do the input for the next move. While you do this combo make sure you’re holding down back.

Also for ultra if you can juggle full screen you drop the second hits.

kkk > nothing > kkk > kkk > kkk

If you’re doing Ultra after HB you want to hold down KPKKK which mean hold down kick for the first punch then let it go for the 2nd punch and hold down K for the last three. If have them in the corner you want to do PPKKK. Basically don’t hold down K until the third punch. KPKKK is the universal juggle however certain characters juggles differently than others, example Dee Jay.

EDIT: Argh, double post.

Okay, that’s what I figured on the ultra thing. Just making sure.

Anyway, yeah, I get that it’s a cancel, and I can do light punch into dashing straight just fine.

What kind of timing do I need, am I hitting the forward of the special when doing the crouching light kick?

Practice the c.lk into special over and over and you’ll eventually get a feel for the cancel timing. It’s usually pretty fast off of light attacks.

In sf4 you cannot cancel chained attacks into a special move. So with balrog if you’re doing cr.lp, cr,lp, cr.lk xx headbutt, you MUST hit the cr.lk with link timing and not as a chained attack.This should be relatively easy since cr.lp gives you tons of frames on hit. When you do your combo just delay the cr.lk so you hit it at the last possible moment before the opponent recovers from hitstun. That way instead of cr.lk being chained from cr.lp, you’re instead hitting it as a link.

This, you have to delay pressing lk by half a second so that it’s a link and not a chain, after which point you have to cancel into a special.

tap-tap -slight pause - tapxxtap

is how i explain it to my friends. you just have to find that sweet spot where you can cancel a normal into a special.

it’ll take practice, and the best way to see if you’re doing it correctly is if you get 2hit combos, and then ultimately a 4hit combo.

There we go, THAT’S the help I needed!

I had no idea it was a link and that you couldn’t do a special after a jab combo. I slowed down my jabs a little bit and now I can do it about half of the time. I just need to practice a little.

Thanks guys. Does anybody know how many frames you have to link with?

cr.lp > cr.lk is a 3 frame link. You can get his frame data here.

Don’t mash the jabs

Also, abuse Balrog’s overpowered pokes

4 frames to link