I can't do basic akuma combos, pls help



I trying to get a basic BnB set up with akuma, but I can’t seem to get the timeing for simple things like c.Lp, c.Lp, c.Lp, QCB+Lk, DP=Hp. or s.Hk, c.Mk, QCB+Lk, DP+Hp.

I can do the first three punches, and the c.Mk, QCB+Lk, DP+Hp but they almos never stick into a 6-7 hit combo for me.

How can I combo a s.Hk into a c.Mk?

Thx Loss


It’s called linking, it is alot harder than canceling a move into another move, you need to time it exactly right when the animation ends. Keep practicing, I find c.Lk is alot easier than C.MK because its easier to cancel C.LK into QCB+LK.


Lossterot you need to link the 3dr c.Lp instead of canceling it. Try to delay the last c.Lp and then cancel into Lk Tatsu.

s.Hk, c.Mk its a 1 frame link so it is hard do time it. Try c.Lk instead (2 frame link). Has good range and if connects the Lk Tatsu will connect. Sometimes the c.Mk will push the opp too far away.

Same goes for s.Hk, c.Mp. Its a 2 frame link but sometimes the opp will be pushed too far away and the Lk Tatsu won’t combo.

I usually use c.Lp because its a 3 frame link and its easy peasy to do, but it has less range.


Yup. Linking is not that easy.

Most basic Akuma combo is close HP, LK Tatsu, HP Shoryu. That one is a cancel because the close HP is actually negative frame recovery on hit, but you can cancel into the Tatsu (or another special) at anytime during the hitstun to skip the recovery so that it will combo.

Not everything can be done like this. Only your light attacks can cancel into each other like this. Mash crouch jab x3 and it will easily string together; despite the frame advantage on the first jab being good, the second will still cancel out of the hitstun of that without the need for a proper recovery.

Linking is different. You cannot cancel a cr.MP into a second cr.MP during the hitstun in that way, and you also cannot cancel a cr.LP into a cr.MP or vice versa.

For linking; when a move gives you +5 frame advantage on hit for example, you link by squeezing a move of 5 frame startup or less into that window of frame advantage. The quicker the speed of your linking normal, the easier it can be to time correctly. Unlike with chaining, if you input your link too early (before your last normal fully recovered), the normal will simply not come out; whereas if you input your normal too late, it will come out but will not combo correctly.

Once you link correctly your normal will be a stand-alone attack despite being combo’d into and will allow you to cancel into your special as with the example of close HP. There’s a difference with chains so that these combos aren’t some dumb easy mode. If you chain your 3 light normals together, the ability to cancel your last light into a special is removed and try as you might; you’ll just get a standing light kick instead of the Tatsu.

What has to be done for this combo to work is to link into your last jab after the first two are chained so that it’s considered a stand-alone light. Thing is that if you jab just one frame before the previous jab fully recovered it will chain again and cut your combo. I recommend linking to cr.MP after your first two jabs instead. It’s a 4 frame startup instead of 3 so there’s only a 1 frame difference, you dont get the same problem you would with a third jab and the combo will do more damage since a linked cr.MP does at least twice the base damage of a linked jab.

Jab x3 into Tatsu isnt really a basic combo, it has execution requirements that make it worthy of a hard trial.

Developing links is just a matter of repeating practice and gradually programming the correct timing for the input. The double roundhouse gives you +5 on hit and the cr.MK you are trying to link with is 5 frames, so your timing has to be absolutely spot-on. cr.LK and cr.MP are both good 4 frame links with best reach for the roundhouse follow-up. cr.LK is the most consistent since it doesn’t pushback on hit, but it does crap damage as a linked normal. cr.MP pushes back a little but does the same damage as a cr.MK.

Either get started with linking the roundhouse to the combo with cr.MP for strong damage, or start with cr.LK as a beginner and upgrade when you are comfortable with the link. cr.LP gives you yet more leniency with link timing, but with its short reach; a link into a roundhouse combo will only be possible from hitting the roundhouse at a specific close range.


Plink the HK into c.mp. Or even easier, do an HK into c.lp, With c.lp, you have more frames to do it successfully. So I would recommend doing this, which is easier, then messing with the c.mp when you have it down.

The guide to plinking is on the main page and stickied in the SF4 forums page.


In case you are lazy, which you probably are. No offense, but 9 out of 10 people are lazy, and will probably ask where the plink guide is even after I tell you exactly where it is.



Think he just wants the basics of execution for while he’s getting to grips with the character. If someone wants to pick up a beginner level Kazuya in Tekken DR, can’t send them off to study and perfect lightdashing and CH d/f+2, EWGF first.

P-linking cannot hurt to attempt, but it’s not necessary outside one frame links.


say what? lol.


know your basics first before getting over your head.


It’s suggested the TC reads that huge topic and starts trying hitting two buttons within one frame of each other.

All that matters for now is discovering and getting used to the timing for staple links.


He can’t do basic BnB combos so you tell him to plink? lol.

With lk to lk tatsu, just hold x through the lk and release it after tatsu input. it’s a quick easy slide. after that is simply the HP SRK.


I’ll assume youre playing online mostly.

st.HK into C.mk is great, but that link is so terribly hard, sometimes when i pull it off I’m amazed myself. So don’t rely on this, unless youre reading into all that plinking business.

st.HK (if youre too far) back off. you got a nice poke

st.HK (close enough) c.Lp, lk.tatsu, mash Fp.srk
Fp.srk (lp.srk if youre unsure about scoring knockdown)

these are far more reliable than a long 6-7 hit string. st.hk is a great hit-confirmer.

btw, i never really tried, but if your first kick whiffs and 2nd connects, can you still combo? ie. opponents walks into 2nd kick.


of course. in any multihit normal in SF, the last hit always has the same hit stun regardless of whether the first hit(s) actually connect


Thank you all so much! Very helpfull info.


sometimes…when i visit the akuma forums…i feel like hurting myself


practice, practice, practice.

If you expect to be able to do everything you see in videos or read about on day 1 you might as well not even play.


Damn its really cool how you all came out and helped dude out like that… I needed help on that 2… Good Looking out.


I found this forum very enlingtening but kinda hostile to noobies. The vultures descend when a new unnecessary thread (almost every) is created. So its created, you don’t like it, don’t reply and move along. 09 deserves as much help and respect as 85.

Not to mention executing Search has 18,000 recovery frames.


I would get into why we are hostile towards people, because in all actuality, we have the right to. But I will say this: We are not here to hold your hands.

Don’t make a new thread just so you can get a question answered because knowing SRK, it likely won’t hapen because people have been dealing with it for 9 years and they are sick of it.

Do the research and take the extra 5-10 minutes to look through the existing and biggest threads for your answer and if you don’t ASK IN THAT THREAD.

Making pointless threads like “Akuma fireball question” or “blah blah blah combo help” does nothing to help SRK. It just wastes bandwith and pisses people off.

This isn’t IGN, this isn’t gamefaqs, this isn’t Gaia, this isn’t any other fighting game forum. We mean business and don’t have time to waste with stupid shit like what has been going on since February. If you can’t get over your own ego and realize at this point in time that us > you and treat us with respect then don’t bother posting. Also, if you can’t get through a little hazing and insults for veterans you might as well not bother either.

Take the time to get to know your games and getting to know what SRK is actually about before jumping to conclusions and calling us vultures.


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