I cant do IAJK for SH%! yet in Cammy's trial i can do non-ex instant air cannon strike 100%... Help?

Also outside of cammy’s trial i can’t do non-ex instant air cannon strike, which i’d assume because the height restrictions got nerfed past ae. Anyway is the reason why i can’t do iajk because it’s extremely strict? Or is it because i suck? Or both?

Gladly Appreciate the advice guys. Thanks.

Hi PropheT,

acutally IAJK is one of (if not THE) hardest special move to input … it does have a harder height restriction than cammy or makoto … so it is just natural that you struggle with the IAJK. I dropped Adon for a while because I thought I am not able to input IAJK consistently but you just need to get once the right feeling for it and after that (and continues P-Mode training) you will get the hang of it … BUT it will still be one of the hardest inputs for a regular special in USF4.

QCB > up/upforward:

  • start with qcb > delay > up/ or upforward HK motion … this motion uses the qcb as a buffer and is in my eyes a bit easier
  • it is all about the timing / delay before you hit the HK … that is the tricky part … if you are too fast you will get a regular jump HK … if you are too slow you will get a AJK and not a IAJK …
  • try to input qcb > up > let the stick go neutral > hit HK … this will give you an idea of how long the delay should be … it is not a 100% … but it does work to give you an idea of the delay
  • you can use cr.mp > buffer into the cr.mp the qcb motion > hold up > hit HK … normally that is a bit easier because you cant miss the qcb input and accidently jump back wards

If you prefer the up/upforward > qcb motion:

  • think about it as a SPD motion from up/upforward backwards … like a 270° motion
  • tricky part is still the delay … so you cant just input it with one fast motion … you first must hold up (for a split of a second) > and than roll your way back in a 270° motion
  • this method is a bit harder but is better for FB reaction punishes
  • start with only up as the starting point of the motion … why ? … well it feels a bit easier (don’t ask me why) + if you miss it you will only get a neutral jump HK which is harder to punish

General advice:

  • See IAJKs like a 1 frame combo you need to master to get the full potential from Adon … it is not a DP motion … see it as a combo you need to practice on a regular basis
  • Don’t get frustrated … until you don’t have the right feeling it will feels like it is random … but trust me it is not !
  • Use the motion and input that YOU feel most comfortable with … if you feel better with up > qcb … than go for it …
  • Make it a part of your P-mode training … BnBs … Punish … FADC combos … IAJK … set ups
  • If you got the feeling … train FireBall punish with it … just program a dummy to throw fireballs and than go over it on reaction with IAJK … this will help you aaaaaaa lot … start with Ken or Oni … than Ryu + Guile …

Well … that is all … hope this helps.


this is such great advice daaadom. I’m really scrubby and just getting used to my stick so I’m going to try this a little. I’m just now getting Adon’s timing down a bit, but this seems like something I can practice and get the hang of

Wow! Thanks again man! I’ll take this to the lab. I didn’t know that it could be buffered. Very insightful.

I just started Adon 2 days ago and I tried the IAJK last night. I couldn’t do it at all using your first method, but I had zero problem using your second method.

That made me wonder if I was doing it correctly, since you said it might be the hardest input in the game. So, how do you know if you’ve done it? Is it as simple as hitting a grounded opponent after catching a foot of air?

you can tell by the frames and distance… reg hk jk goes straight up iajk goes about half screen

I thought it was really hard at first too and drove me away from playing the character because I knew how important it was. I do the OCB–>UpForward–>slight little delay and kick method and rarely ever mess it up in match. Def something you just practice a lot once you find a method you like. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it in no time if you put in the work.

is there a difference between doing it with up and upforward?

I think the only difference is it’s easier to punish a forward jump MK/HK than a neutral jump MK/HK if you miss the input.

thats why i asked.
i thought it might be that the up/forward version would let you fly a wider range but when thats not the case up seems to be the better/saver version.

I’m pretty sure starting IAJK from up-forward will give you slightly more distance, but while learning its better to use neutral jump just for safety.

I highly recommend plinking the IAJKs … it does boost the execution immensely.

I do plink:
light AJK with LK + LP
medium AJK with MK + LP (or MP)
heavy AJK with HK + MP

It is very easy and a good training to plink the cr.LK anyway !!!