I cant do my ultra on the left side of the screen

I can mash it PERFECTLY on the right side of the screen, but never the left.

I’m just massing ultras in training mode on the left side so I can finally do it on both sides.

Does anyone else have this problem.

They are usually 2 quarter circle ultras.

You’re not gonna be dominating any virgins if you can’t do ultra on the left side of the screen bro.

I enjoyed that heavily.

Just about every right handed person has this problem starting out on an arcade stick. I may be wrong but I think the only way you can overcome it is grinding it out. It comes down to muscle memory.

Yes you can experiment with other grips but none are really going to solve this instantly.

Stop trying to mash it, do the motion as slow as the game will let you register. Watching your left hand will help while you do this. Turn on the input and find out what the problem is. Missing the final <- or -> of the qcf? pressing a button too early? Take it slow, it’ll feel alien as fuck for a while but before you know it, you don’t even notice that you’re ultraing someone from the left.

dont mash and make sure youre actually going down, not down right.

practice slowly, and its a good idea to practice these motions in hd remix (ryus super for example) because the input is more strict and it offers immediate benefits for sf4

Yea, turn on input display and look at the directions you are doing. You may be hitting SF4’s shortcuts or not hitting the punch buttons at the same time or something. Just practice on your execution :tup:

Just to add, the looser of a grip you use, the more awkward this motion will be. If you choke up and use a daigo style grip, you will be able to use less of your arm. However, once again, you have to grind this one out.

Please don’t avoid the 1P side, or quickly switch to crosshand when you need an ultra. This will ensure you will never be able to do it. Yes there are some fools out there that do this.

I was recently in the same boat. When I first switched to an arcade stick, I had an awful time landing ultras on the 1P side of the screen. I would block a SRK or jump over and ultra and try to punish, but would only pull of an EX move or something of the like. All I did was go into training mode, and just do the ultra over and over again for hours…I also made sure I could jump over projectiles, time it when projectiles were just coming out, and do it as anti-air. The best advice, as mentioned above, is to just practice.

Do it clean instead of mashing and practice until you can do it