I cant do this combo

Hi guys,

I am getting into Dudley and I am trying to do this basic combo…

c.Roundhouse, towards + Forward x Jet Uppercut (Fierce Version)

The problem is I can’t cancel the towards + Forward move into the Jet Uppercut cause it comes out too late.

Do you guys know is wrong with me? Help.



Are you doing it midscreen or in the corner?

Midscreen is definitely harder and is character specific.

Basically u just need to get as close to the character as you can before hitting the towards+foward into uppercut.


I tried both.

I first found out about combo in the 3rd strike and ST anniversary street fighter strat guide. I am surprised that they didn’t say it was character specific.

Whoops I didn’t mean it like that.

I meant its a shit load harder to land midscreen on certain characters. For instance on oro its really late like basically just before he hits the deck, whereas a character like q just drops nice and close to you so its a bit more lenient in its timing.

Try it on the bigger characters first. Make sure ur buffering/canceling the toward foward into the uppercut

Actually I’ve never landed this on Ibuki it seems as if she drops too faraway from dudley to connect. I haven’t seen anyone else land it either in vids. Most likely I just suck.

Unless the cr. roundhouse connects at point blank range, most people just go for a forward ducking uppercut.

toward + forward into jet uppercut is usually an ender for EX MGB combos.

Crouch HK, hold towards to walk, while holding forward press MP, now finish off with a quick QCF+HP. You can get the full 2 hits from the HP Jet Uppercut if you time it correctly, not sure if it works on all characters. Very useful combo to get your opponent in the corner.

f+mk you mean