I can't even beat the computer on the easiest setting

I can’t beat the CPU…even after reading the ST guide on the wiki…help please?

make sure you can do the special moves on command first.

Training Mode

The AI in SSF2T is notoriously difficult. And by difficult, I mean it reads your inputs and counters your moves on command. I had fun playing Dhalsim vs. Zangief single player, and watching Z jump every single standing strong I sent his way the same instant it would start to come out. Frequently it’ll just walk towards you, and wait until you either press a button or it gets within throw range, and do whatever will guarantee it a counter. Including supers that should require charges (walk up double flash FTW).

Anyways, I wouldn’t sweat it too much. You can beat the CPU, but it’s by abusing the limitations of its patterns and abusing corner cases where it keeps changing between programmed responses, which aren’t skills that’ll transfer into play versus humans (where you actually have a mindgame element going on, and after a couple reps they stop falling for stuff.)

It’s still good training in that you absolutely have to learn the range of a lot of your footies, simply because the CPU will usually be pixel and frame perfect with them, and if you ever, ever mistime a combo even slightly, or throw out an unsafe move, you’re eating 60%+ damage in most cases. But don’t feel bad that you’re losing.

Okay, thanks!

Your first mistake was playing ST against the computer. Your second was making a fucking thread about a topic that 1. No one give a fuck about and 2. Has been made a MILLION times since ive been on this site (which was in 06).

Ah, the ST mindset. What a gloriously counter productive thing it is.

As always, one person dictates the “ST mindset”. Never mind the other helpful topics, let’s just find one diamond in the rough and label it most common denominator.

It was the fact that he has ‘ST for life’ as his tag line, and yet basically told a prospective new player to fuck off. So my general point was the cognitive dissonance of those two positions, and yes I do think that this seems to be a fairly common occurrence when it comes to people who are fanatical about ST.

I must admit, after watching well known ST player after well known ST player bitterly complain about the alleged easy modedness of HDR (calling the game - and by extension, those who play it - “baby zone” ), I too have come to associate ST partisanship with rigid orthodoxy and abusive feedback patterns.

I picked Chun a couple of weeks ago, and did nothing but walking towards and pressing Strong punch. Worked fine, but against Blanka: he counters it with bite or rolling attacks. Back then, this used to be my strategy for beating Ryu in WW, BTW.

Edit: if I recall correctly, the world record against the CPU belongs to Jason DreamTR Wilson, for the real cabinet.

First off, lol. Second off my post wasent ment to scare off a potential new player. I just hate how people post the same things on websites a million times. WAAAAAH, I cant beat ST AI with one credit, WAAAAAAH!

Who cares, if it actually was a legit thread that asked a legit question, I would help out instead of being an asshole. This isnt about the ST Mindset Its about People asking stupid questions mindset.

It’s not that stupid of a question though-- ST’s AI is ridiculous and you’re not only not getting any better by playing against it, you’re probably getting worse but wouldn’t necessarily recognize it. So any new player shouldn’t feel bad about losing to it at all and it’s worth mentioning. The traditional single player mode was still heavily prevalent in games when ST came out so there was a lot of focus there, instead of any kind of decent training mode (Narroo if you want help with this check out the TRUST thread in this forum).

I highly doubt Jason Wilson has the best score for the AI btw, regardless of who recognized it. I thought I had a decent single-credit high score in the game until I saw some postings in Arcadia magazine some years ago.

Re: hdr I don’t find much difference in attitude in either group of players (and this really doesn’t have anything to do with that “baby zone” thing does it?). But the point has been raised a few times recently and I agree that we ought to be more respectful to one another in general. The problem always seems to start when people don’t realize that I am the best player of all time and they just want to go on and on about blah blah blah, something else etc. And despite this, that does NOT give me the right to be rude. It’s like that TV show House. People watch that and seem to think “gee he’s rude, but he really cares about saving lives, so it’s ok”. It’s not ok. That doesn’t actually excuse the rudeness.

[LEFT]I agree with most of what you said, but not that the CPU does not help. For instance, playing shotos against Hawk can help learning SRK on reaction to dives. Well, this seems sort of a stupid example, as real Hawks do dives too, but as a new player will be swinging in the air over and over after the first knockdown, it is actually not. Anyway, there are much better examples. Blanka can train ticks against Dhalsim, who never fails with his reversal throws, and Dhalsim can train several tricks against Dictator, such as the bird cage and mummy/drills into throw.[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Wilson’s record was listed at Twin Galaxies the last time I checked it. But they only list one version of the game, which I can not check right now as they now demand that you create an account, which is annoying. But it is either the World or the US version, not the Japanese one. If they have higher scores - I guess they should, the version is much easier - it was at X, most likely. If one was to beat the record, or whatever the current record is, I guess that would be a good thing: while we do not care much about it, one could make an article for the first page with some shit.[/LEFT]

Edit: it seems they’ve forgotten about the ST mods.

I find that the CPU extremely helpful in teaching you what is unsafe.

For instance, shoto far jump in with early RH to beat gief’s lariat (landing far). Most beginner > intermediate giefs don’t punish you with a sac spd (big damage), but the AI almost does it all the time.

  1. You learned that far RH is not safe
  2. You’ll learn how to punish shoto with that when you play gief

AI is also extremely good with normals.

Granted, most people won’t have the godlike reaction like the AI to mimic what it does, even it teaches you what normal to use in some WTF! moment (I use ryu to close cross up ken with tatsu, he beat me with a mexican uppercut hitting behind).

But it’s things like these that human opponents (or the average ones) won’t ever do that teaches you something.

I think ganelon is already a mod. We might want to help suggesting what should be sticky (like your beginners thread), how to reorganize the threads, etc.

so?.. this forum is HUUUUUUGE, and some people don’t know how to search on forums, some threads are so old and it’s a little difficult to find them. he’s a beginner and i don’t see a problem with that, he’s just looking for help.

everyone, even the most skilled player was a beginner back in the day, it’s common to see this kind of thread on forums, looking for help or any advice, the guy is doing the right thing, asking in the right place and hopefully to the right people.

there’s always a smart ass guy that hate these threads.

beginners and scrubs are not the same kind of players. you can be a beginner but not a scrub.


[LEFT]Ok, you can DP the AI T.Hawk’s dives. But there’s not much more you can get out of single-player mode, and it’s simply not what fighting games are about (i.e. human-to-human competition). The manuals/game itself never actually mentions this, but kind of implies that single-player is just like two player. AI Zangief and Cammy are much harder to fight in single-player, for example. At best, you are going through patterns. Another example like the thing you linked to: with Ryu against computer DeeJay, doing nothing but tatsu’s can often get you a perfect round. The score tells you you “did well” but it’s meaningless. Any attempt at real strategy is completely absent.[/LEFT]

Twin what now? I wouldn’t exactly take some website’s word or record for this sort of thing, especially if they expect you to register just to see the scores. Watch Chasing Ghosts to see what I’m talking about. That site is for people who simply did not understand fighting games at all, whatsoever to begin with and stuck with the classics. The version of ST (world/Japanese/US etc.) probably doesn’t matter too much, because to even be competitive, if you win just one round that is not a perfect, you probably have to make another attempt. Each character of the 12 you face is planned out; you only do some attacks, but not others, but never ever make a “mistake”. I also doubt the highest score is even possible with Chun Li compared to some of the other characters so that right there is probably ineligible for the highest score of all. One good thing I’ll say about the scoring: I like how they score the individual hits of super combos. The first hit of a super combo is something like 10,000 points, but the second hit is 20,000, and the third, fourth and fifth hits only 4,000 each if I remember correctly.

My strategy involved getting a perfect the first round with each character (I expected this on AI DeeJay, Guile, Zangief and one or two more I think possibly Chun Li and Ken), and 99.9% of life off the second round with a super meter charged the second round-- and releasing my super just before the time runs out, because you will still get points when it connects but you get another round to earn more points. Draw the third, if possible; at one point, I could do this about a third of the time I faced AI Guile, for example (and again, you want to release a super for points but no damage that hit after the timer runs out). In the fourth round, try to get a perfect. Perfects are worth waiting down the timer for, but the sooner the better since a little more time is a higher score (if it makes any distinction in score, that is a completely random thing of course). Done properly, this can net you around 200,000 to 400,000 points per character of the 8 before the bosses. The bosses after boxer are little harder to plan it out so perfectly. I forget my own scores, I just remember doing this for a while once, and then I saw that Arcadia magazine that blew my scores away.

Yeah, if you’re looking to reach world record scores, you have to pretty much get a perfect super finish every round almost all the time, force a draw game to reach final round as many times as you can (that means winning 2 rounds and drawing 1 round), and bust out high-scoring hard/special/super combos when possible. Based on Arcadia’s scores (which I also saw years ago and can’t recall the source), I remember calculating that just winning every match 2-0 perfect with decent time left isn’t near enough. The time involved in high score ST may not compare to the thousands of hours needed to reach high level 2-player ST but it’s certainly no joke either.

And if you just want to beat the AI easily, some of the best exploitative strategies (for the JP version) can be found on the Gamest Video DVD packaged with the JP-only HSF2 Special Anniversary Pack. For those interested, I believe a YouTube user named MaximilianoDent was kind enough to upload some of the footage.

Your investing alot in thinking anyone gives a fuck about being nice,this is not the realm of nice it’s about winning and getting better.
Saying the community should be nice to once another is both pedantic and fairly absurd considering who makes up this community.

To get better you need diversity, and if you dissuade new players from entering you end up with a slowly dwindling homogeneity. So you’re wrong.

No actually if he is asking the assistance of the community here it’s not a requirement for anyone here to help him.
With a 15 year old game there is a dwindling fan base already.
No amount of ball holding for this will change that simple truth.
So i am afraid the only one wrong here bro. Is you