I can't figure out a title for this thread

Ok. We all like vids of cute or hot girls right? Also, i think it’s fact that shoryuken guys favor asian chicks, am i right? Anyway, you are wondering about the title… ya, i’m about to give a video that got me speechless. Please, don’t read the comments in youtube. Just watch the vid.

No, this isn’t any vid where some scary screaming pops up in the end. No…

Here’s just something to note about. the world can’t be trusted, seriously.:sweat:


Yeah, I deleted the original cause you didn’t provide a link initially. I prefer it if everyone provides a link with their post because I don’t need it looking like spam. Also, I’ll give this a 5 post limit before it gets hazy. So yeah…

wow, scary. just scary

yeah, i kinda forgot to add the link. I was in a trance from what i saw.

I’m kinda afraid now to date women since if this person was able to look like a real woman (and for some reason, he looked allot better than some of the women i’ve seen in real life) then there is such a possibility that some of us probably dated some dude that got a sex changed. I have what you call the “4th eye”… just like the people who claim to have the 3rd eye w/c allows them to see ghosts, i have the 4th eye w/c gives me the ability to see right through the trannie and identify the real gender point black. No not everyone has this ability. i’ve seen people date trannies because they were fooled by them.

But this vid pwns me. If i saw a girl like that in real life, chances are i would date her… but seeing how powerful science is, i’m really scared about dating now.

Fuck science. We can’t trust the world anymore!